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File: NDui (Added some Addons/Tweaks)03-22-18
Posted By: LordThanos
This is an AMAZING UI and I love it! I can use the UI but cannot configure it because for some reason all the buttons in the config menu I can not interact with. An update would be most welcomed!
File: CblUI06-20-17
I disabled all the addons in your U...
Posted By: LordThanos
I disabled all the addons in your UI and turned them on one by one until i found it. It was CT_Viewport, so I had to disable it. Thank you for the response!
File: CblUI06-18-17
Black Screen
Posted By: LordThanos
I came back to your UI after I had to stop using it before because I couldn't update it for some reason. I installed everything and I get a black screen. Everything seems to have installed right, but for some reason I now have a black screen and can't see anything. Please help!
File: CblUI11-15-16
Invalid Archive
Posted By: LordThanos
The past two updates I have not been able to download the updates. I use WinZip and the error message is. Cannot open file cblui.zip. It does not appear to be a valid archive. If you downloaded this file, try downloading the file again. I have tried numerous times and get the error every time. Never had a problem before with this U...
File: SilverUI for druid heal01-30-16
Green all over the screen!
Posted By: LordThanos
Getting green boxes on my screen where the player and target health frames go and at the bottom right where the skada frame/hotbars go... Really wanted to try this UI out....
File: SuperVillain UI01-12-16
Posted By: LordThanos
I used your old version and loved it. I had no issues. I just came across this version and installed it. The only 2 problems I am having is for some reason my FPS while using this mod is 9-14. I am only using SVUI nothing else. Is there anything I can tweak to fix this? I dont have this problem with other mods. Any info would be...
File: Weak Orbs UI01-10-16
I think this is an amazing UI! And...
Posted By: LordThanos
I think this is an amazing UI! And I would use it without a doubt if it were for all classes. I am leveling all my toons to 100 right now and so it would be nice to use this UI! but I commend you on a very well put together UI! Well Done! I wish you would reconsider making it for all classes though!