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File: Elkano's BuffBars03-16-07
BUG with Firestone ....
Posted By: Panzer
there seeems to be a bug when I use a firestone on my warlock. I get major lag every 2-3 seconds .... LIke a freeze frame or major lag spike. Disabling EBB and it goes away. Works fine using CT_Mods buffbar, but I prefer this one TBH as I can use different skins for the bars :D. And it is smaller as it is ACE'd. The problem als...
File: EkRaidAttendance09-14-06
disable in BGs...
Posted By: Panzer
Is there any way to have this auto-disable in BGs? Starting to get full REAL quick with BG raids due to blizzards auto-join a raid on entering BGs,,,,