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File: Dominos11-07-17
Hi, i wanna switch from Bartender t...
Posted By: Artlu
Hi, i wanna switch from Bartender to Dominos but im not sure about how i set up my vehicle and possesbar. In Bartender i had my main bar 1 as vehicle and possesbar and i had it hidden unless i were in a vehicle with that code show;show;hide. If i put that on the bar1 on dominos it's just get empty, even in the options. So how do...
File: Aurora06-03-17
thanks for the update...the name in...
Posted By: Artlu
thanks for the update...the name in /s bubble is pretty cool :-) edit: after testing it some days, is there any way to make the bubbles the old size? with the names enabled theyre really small and you cant really read everything if your eyes are trash like mine are.
File: KuiNameplates03-24-17
is there any way how i can make cas...
Posted By: Artlu
is there any way how i can make casting units non faded, so i can track better which mob is casting right now? there are many options for ignore fading, but not with casting it seems. this is the only reason i prefer tidy plates right now...if there is a way or if this will be added to this addon, i will much likely switch instant
File: Aurora01-23-17
will this addon still be supported...
Posted By: Artlu
will this addon still be supported in the future?
File: Aurora07-20-16
Please don't end your support on th...
Posted By: Artlu
Please don't end your support on this amazing Addon :( I don't want to be forced to use ElvUI... I'm pretty sure that you could find someone who can carry on with this Addon, if you would look for someone. Sadly i don't know shit about Addons, otherwise I would gladly do it :D
File: Aurora: Missing Textures05-22-15
Minimap doesnt skin anymore
Posted By: Artlu
so, i had to delete all my interface files to find a corrupted file that kept crashing my wow. now i found that file (it was the folder "TARGETINGFRAME" from the Missing Textures.) So i refilled my Interface folder. Everything is back to normal beside that my Minimap isnt skinned anymore. i checked my interface folder but the MINIM...