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File: FuBar - PetInfoFu07-25-07
Feature Request
Posted By: MayDay
I made this feature for an old Titan Panel Petinfo plugin. Basicly it showed more xp information specific to the pet and i would love if you could add it, i really miss it alot. 1. Last gained xp, so you can see if these mobs are good for grinding you pet's level on. 2. Amount of last mobs to kill for the pet to lvl. 3. Amo...
File: Cartographer06-03-07
Importing MetaMap Notes
Posted By: MayDay
There is a module called Cartographer_Import and it looks to have a function to import metamap notes, but i cant figure out how to make it work, found out how to get data from gatherer and tried the same approach with no luck. I really want to switch to Cartographer, but not without my Notes : /