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File: DDR - DocsDebugRunes12-30-10
error while using this addon
Posted By: Grimicus
Hey there, love your addon, but sometimes when I'm in the middle of a fight I get this error: Message: Interface\AddOns\DocsDebugRunes\core.lua:1478: attempt to compare number with nil Time: 12/29/10 22:45:08 Count: 11 Stack: Interface\AddOns\DocsDebugRunes\core.lua:1478: in function `?' ...nes\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\Callbac...
File: ItemRack 2.16 (Old version don't download)05-17-08
wow, I am so glad item rack and tri...
Posted By: Grimicus
wow, I am so glad item rack and trinket menu are still being maintained. Thanks for all the hard work!
File: Natur Enemy Castbar05-25-07
I just got 7.8.5 and I got this bug...
Posted By: Grimicus
I just got 7.8.5 and I got this bug when I started casting my dots on a target: Error: attempt to concatenate local 'spellstacks' (a nil value) AddOn: CECB_Debuffs File: CECB_Debuffs.lua Line: 271 Count: Infinite
File: Clique04-18-07
So, I installed Clique 2.5.4. I lo...
Posted By: Grimicus
So, I installed Clique 2.5.4. I logged in on a character that only had Improved Error Frame and Clique installed with a completely clean WTF folder. I get this error upon logout: Interface\\AddOns\\Clique\\Dongle.lua:839: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) A different one, perhaps one of my other addons was changing the...
File: Clique04-17-07
I have no other errors, if I Just l...
Posted By: Grimicus
I have no other errors, if I Just login and then logout, I hear ief ping that there is an error. I edited it so that it would save it's array of errors so I could tell what was causing the problem. I checked and I am not using anything else that uses dongle.lua and I did a grep for ClearDBDefaults and dongle.lua is the only one that...
File: Clique04-17-07
strange problem
Posted By: Grimicus
Hi, I get this weird problem whenever I use Clique on one of my machines: Error: attempt to call method 'ClearDBDefaults' (a nil value) File: Interface\\AddOns\\Clique\\Dongle.lua Line: 265 Count: 5 This is what happens whenever I logout or quit the game. It's really irritating because then it seems to jack up lua and a lo...
File: Totemus02-01-07
Posted By: Grimicus
Hey there, I was wondering if it would be possible to add a feature to the 'big middle' button where you could have it do a castsequence of your totems if you clicked on it. if you left click then it would do all your left click configured totems and if you right click do all the middle click totems? This would be nice because then...