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File: Shadowed Unit Frames06-02-10
Aura Anchor Issues
Posted By: Kamadrin
I'll try to link screenshots to better show the issue I am having. It seems Aura Anchoring is bugged in all alphas I have tried thus far. If I have a setting that is causing this, please let me know. These are my Aura Buff settings: Buff Settings These are my debuff settings: Debuff Settings Target Frame after receiving...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames05-15-10
Aura Offset Problem
Posted By: Kamadrin
I have noticed with the latest release that my Aura Offsets are moving around on their own. I have Advanced Options enabled and have both Buffs and Debuffs shown with my own Debuffs enlarged. With a Target, I see buffs on the target and once I apply a debuff to the target, the aura placement appears to adjust up towards the Target...