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File: CblUI04-19-17
Cast bar question
Posted By: Celestiel01
Hi love your Ui but there is just one thing i was wondering is it possible to make my Cast bar apart of my Player Health bar?
File: Altz UI for Legion03-30-17
Missing Artifact bar
Posted By: Celestiel01
Hi I love this UI but since 7.2 I don't have a Artifact power bar where the Rep and Exp bar is please fix its a feature i miss and cant replace with other addons ( i have tried :( )
File: AftermathhUI11-05-16
Ui Background over petbattle ui
Posted By: Celestiel01
Hi not sure u know about this but when i was pet battling today i noticed the background of the buttons and artifact bar didn't disappear behind the pet battle ui. is there a way u could fix this? other than that and the bags not having a sort feature i really like ur ui.
File: ViksUI11-03-16
Artifact power tracker
Posted By: Celestiel01
Hi love your UI but is there a way to track my artifact power with ur UI?