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File: ls: UI02-05-18
Re: Re: Size of text...
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Thank you!!!! I love this UI so much haha! :banana:
File: ls: UI02-04-18
Size of text...
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I sent you a message with the police size being way too small since the update. Thanks.
File: ls: UI01-31-18
Thank you both for answering :) I w...
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Thank you both for answering :) I was just throwing ideas, if you ever make nameplates to match your unitframes I'll definitely switch to them! Have a good day both of you! Cheers!
File: ls: UI01-30-18
Objective Quest Tracker
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Hey LS, thanks for everything you've done so far! It's the cleanest/most beautiful orb I've used heh. I love this UI. I read that you didn't plan on implementing anything new but I was wondering if at some point you'll skin the objective tracker to your UI. Just writing this to say thank you for the help you provided and I also gr...
File: DiabolicUI (Goldpaw's Diablo UI)01-22-18
Thanks for the UI, I like a lot of...
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Thanks for the UI, I like a lot of features about it. You're missing the OHC (order hall) on your map. Also, when I'm in a scenario I have to disable the addon since it won't show your progress in quest objective and whatnot. Keep up the great work!
File: SuperVillain UI01-22-18
Re: chat issue..
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anybody have an issue with not being able to see chat? i cant see gchat, instance, or party chat.. any help would be awesome :) Update from github, they updated the project. https://github.com/FailcoderAddons/supervillain-ui