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File: tomQuest204-07-10
Notifications issue with 3.3.3 r2
Posted By: Rhaeth
Hi, I think there's an issue with notifications. I shut them ALL of entirely (tomQuest2 -> Notifications -> Party Notifications tab, disable them all) and it still tries to send notes to Party chat when I advance or complete a quest. If I'm not in party, I get the "You aren't in a party." message. I'm not sure if this is somethi...
File: FriendsWithBenefits09-21-09
Originally posted by xtoq If you...
Posted By: Rhaeth
Originally posted by xtoq If you post a ticket using the links on the description, Tekkub usually will fix it right away. I wasn't sure if this was a bug, or my stupidity/missing something :) I'll post a ticket, thanks!
File: FriendsWithBenefits09-20-09
Is there a trick to removing people...
Posted By: Rhaeth
Is there a trick to removing people from your friends list with this addon? I removed someone, and then when I logged back in, it added him right back... do I need to go log on ALL my characters and delete him from everyone's list? Ouch. :( Sorry if I missed something somewhere, I didn't read all the comments since after this page...
File: Recipe Radar02-06-07
I've been using this mod for a long...
Posted By: Rhaeth
I've been using this mod for a long time, but I never could figure out one thing... how do you change the profession listed in the "by profession" tab? It's always Cooking for me, and I don't see any options to change it anywhere... I checked the FAQs and stuff at the radar homepage website too, didn't seem to mention it there :(