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File: MasterPoisoner10-25-09
Another issue
Posted By: bril
Besides the error GeoRam posted, I can not seem to get it to remember the number of the talent spec I want it to work with. For example spec 1 is my PvP and spec 2 is PvE but it always has spec 1 checked.
File: TipTop10-11-09
Posted By: bril
Would it be possible to allow offset values when attaching the tool tip to the mouse?
File: VuhDo08-21-09
Love it!
Posted By: bril
But unless I am missing it, is there a way to make it only show while I am in a raid or BG raid? Right now it seems to always show at least me even when I am not in a raid.
File: NPCScan05-13-09
New error
Posted By: bril
Damn... Posted error report on wrong mod. I had just DL'ed yours and still had the comment section open. By the way, love this mod!
File: Critline04-24-09
Posted By: bril
Is it possible to completely disable the tracking of healing and pets, leaving just the damage portion of the mod? As a rogue I really don't need the other two but they are still running and in the fubar. Otherwise, great mod!
File: Sapper Enhanced12-19-08
Originally posted by Litvan well...
Posted By: bril
Originally posted by Litvan well the "sap bar" doesn't work atm... neither does the telling /p or /ra about it blind works just fine with both the bar and party/raid announcements I was able to fix this by editing the lua file and updating the spell id used to identify sap. It was not using the new version you earn in the ex...
File: Natur Enemy Castbar04-16-08
I would really like the option to o...
Posted By: bril
I would really like the option to only see the bars (ie cool downs and effects) for people I am targeting (IE, either my target or my focus target). I know the older version stored all the information so that if you changed targets it would accurately display any information it has about the new target and the old targets bars could...
File: FuBar - Top ScoreFu04-24-07
Any other Mutilate rogues out there...
Posted By: bril
Any other Mutilate rogues out there having trouble with this mod not tracking it? It does show up in the purge and filter options but it will not display the amounts. Also noticed this problem with Hemo and Ghostly Strikes a while back.
File: ItemRack 2.16 (Old version don't download)04-03-07
For some reason I can not longer vi...
Posted By: bril
For some reason I can not longer view the "queue" options for my second trinket. It has an auto queue setup but now I can not access it to change it or disable it. Also suddenly getting the below error: : ItemRackOptions\ItemRackOptions.lua:1017: Usage: GetItemQualityColor(index) ItemRackOptions\ItemRackOptions.lua:1017: in f...
File: DamageMeters03-26-07
Re: Re: Account Closed ?
Posted By: bril
Apparently their pre-logon sniffer detects this as a cheating mod ? I have no doubt that is wrong. I have been using DamageMeters, along with several other mods, for over a year and never heard a peep from Blizzard about it. Perhaps you have something else running that confused their snooping program?
File: aUF_Layouts02-19-07
Seems to be working fine now, the m...
Posted By: bril
Seems to be working fine now, the mana bar is showing on in the party frame without having to use my work around. Thanks for fixing that.
File: aUF_Layouts02-18-07
Hey mulesh, I found something else...
Posted By: bril
Hey mulesh, I found something else strange about this layout. If I use a different one, the mana bar appears fine in the party frame. Then I swap back to the yaABF and the mana bars now work fine in this layout as well. So that has been my work around until you upload the fix.
File: aUF_Layouts02-16-07
Tried out the yaABF layout last nig...
Posted By: bril
Tried out the yaABF layout last night but encountered a problem. I could not seem to get the mana/rage bar to show up on the party frame. It appears fine for player, target and party pet, I did not see any UI errors so I am not sure what is wrong. I triple checked to make sure it was not hidden and I even played around with the co...
File: Bongos201-11-07
Good to see a more stable version u...
Posted By: bril
Good to see a more stable version up, really like Bongos. I do have one question, does this version support thing like options for macros? Sometimes it seems to work and others I get the WoW error message about Ace trying something blocked.
File: Bartender301-10-07
Decided to give this a try, seeing...
Posted By: bril
Decided to give this a try, seeing Bongos was not working correctly. I DL'ed the verison from the ACE site and everything worked fine for about an hour. Then it stopped shifting the bars around according to my stance, stealth in this case. Tried reloading my UI, logging out and even disabling and re-enabling the mod with no luck....
File: FuBar - HonorFu10-13-06
I recently decided to try and swap...
Posted By: bril
I recently decided to try and swap out titan panel for FuBar (seems to have a much greater support and I have heard it runs better) but I encountered a problem with HonorFu. I noticed that it was not catching my kills, the honor amount was not updating, the mouse over always showed 100% and my kill to death ratio did not change....