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File: LightHeaded04-05-08
Firstly. Wanna say thanks a ton fo...
Posted By: mindtrix
Firstly. Wanna say thanks a ton for this mod. One of the few mods out there that I really find to be a "Must Have" mod. Secondly. Seems to be a bug i've encountered. Havent done any real testing to find the cause... But I use Fubar and QuestFu. Lightheaded works fine if i open the Blizz quest log. But before 2.4 it would...
File: aUF_Layouts01-25-08
Can someone update these layouts a...
Posted By: mindtrix
Can someone update these layouts a bit? I really like them but some are broken. I want to use the CiathDiscord.lua file, but evertime I load WoW it loads the player frame fine. But the Target and ToT frames show no color, I have to switch the layouts to something else then back again.
File: MoWater04-20-07
Although it's nice to see new addon...
Posted By: mindtrix
Although it's nice to see new addons. And great that you made one for yourself.. But in all due respect. If you're a caster and you don't know how to keep track of your mana levels, you should probably roll a melee toon and forget about mana all together. >.<
File: Elkano's BuffBars04-04-07
There is one thing that this mod RE...
Posted By: mindtrix
There is one thing that this mod REALLY needs. Profiles. Even though I use the mod on most of my toons, my UI for my toons is totally different and so the placement of the buffs on my rogue would different than my mage. I would LOVE the option to save the settings for the x/y on my mage and have a different set for my other toons...
File: kEnergy01-03-07
I agree with Ret. That is the one...
Posted By: mindtrix
I agree with Ret. That is the one part about it that REALLY pisses me off. Especially in BG's when I'm trying to read instructions and warnings and all I see is Kenergy spam. Until you add the option to disable it i'm sticking with EnergyWatch2
File: Bartender312-17-06
Could you PLEASE include the "Circl...
Posted By: mindtrix
Could you PLEASE include the "Circled" skin in your next release? I really miss that layout for the bars and would really appreciate if you could integrate it into Bartender3!
File: FuBar - HerbTrackerFu11-14-06
Posted By: mindtrix
I was the one that requested this add-on and I thank you so much for it. I hate searching my bags and having to go to my bank to see what Herbs I actually have. This comes in very handy as I forget what herbs I have on me all the time. Much love!
File: FuBar - GuildFu09-07-06
Originally posted by Elkano MotD...
Posted By: mindtrix
Originally posted by Elkano MotD is already in the current dev build available here: http://svn.wowace.com/files/FuBar_GuildFu-r9590.zip Thanks a ton!
File: FuBar - GuildFu09-06-06
Since there isnt a forum for this a...
Posted By: mindtrix
Since there isnt a forum for this addon yet. I'll post here anyways. Do you think there could be a way to add the Guild MOTD in the top of GuildFu's window (Right before the Name, Level, Rank, etc?) Thats about the only thing I think this mod is missing. My guild changes the MoTD a few TIMES a day so its nice to keep on top of tha...