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File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant12-30-10
Error when TomTom waypoint starts
Posted By: Karatanthala
I am getting the following error when TomTom points to the digsite selected by Archie: Message: Interface\AddOns\Archy\Archy.lua:2082: attempt to index field 'surveyNodes' (a nil value) Time: 12/30/10 13:01:17 Count: 3 Stack: Interface\AddOns\Archy\Archy.lua:2082: in function Interface\A...
File: CurrencyReminder12-17-10
Originally posted by boloKing add...
Posted By: Karatanthala
Originally posted by boloKing added a currency type scanner. click on the currency icon/button to scan. Still just shows a ? I'm afraid.
File: Possessions (WotLK 3.3)05-10-10
Re: patch
Posted By: Karatanthala
Originally posted by blankStare think i have this right. you should be able to tell where to add the code and what to comment out by the existing lines. Many thanks blankStare, that seems to have done the trick :D
File: Possessions (WotLK 3.3)05-02-10
Originally posted by LaoTseu Abou...
Posted By: Karatanthala
Originally posted by LaoTseu About the once in a while error described by coani, the same thing was happening to me. I investigated and I believe I found the reason and an easy fix. Hi LaoTseu, I've been getting the same error as Coani for quite a while now, but I've not been able to work out how to apply your fix. My progr...
File: ChatSounds01-21-10
Re: Re: Party Leader sounds
Posted By: Karatanthala
Originally posted by Dridzt I have the current release supports it, you just have to open the config and select a sound for it. /chatsounds or clicking the chat bubble) Doh! What a plonker! /facepalm Cheers :banana:
File: ChatSounds01-06-10
Party Leader sounds
Posted By: Karatanthala
Hi Dridzt Can you update this to include a sound for Party Leader? You left a comment on AnrDaemon's copycat addon saying you had it ready for when patch 3.3 went live, but you don't appear to have released it yet. Thanks
File: GupPet06-13-09
Originally posted by AutolycusWolf...
Posted By: Karatanthala
Originally posted by AutolycusWolf Thanks for the addon, nice work! If memory serves me well you could choose not to ride a flying mount in a zone where flying mounts are available, by pressing shift. Has this feature been eliminated in your newest version? In the Blizz keybindings you can set what you want to force ground...
File: GupPet06-12-09
Move anchors problem
Posted By: Karatanthala
The move anchors are now so far away from the icons that they cannot be moved to the edge of the screen. Also the latest change log says that "Added keybind support for shamans". It doesn't appear in the Blizzard keybings like the other Guppet keybindings do.
File: Auditor05-05-09
Originally posted by Alarisha Hi...
Posted By: Karatanthala
Originally posted by Alarisha Hi there! Sorry to have made you a sad bunny :( But never fear! Just as in the past people could use a mod to make AuditorFu show on LDB display addons, you too can now use a mod to make Broker addons show up on FuBar! Just grab Broker2FuBar, and Auditor will merrily show up as it always has done fo...
File: Auditor05-04-09
Originally posted by Theondry *YA...
Posted By: Karatanthala
Originally posted by Theondry *YAY* *cough* Free of Fubar. At last. Ah b*ll*cks. Can anybody recommend a good replacement for Auditor? :( Not a happy bunny
File: AuctionFilterPlus07-09-07
Name sort no longer available
Posted By: Karatanthala
I have noticed that the option to sort by Name is no longer available. I find this invaluable when searching for recipes. Can you put this option back please?
File: Recipe Book04-24-07
No data from a chat link
Posted By: Karatanthala
I've got a problem in that if I click on a recipe in chat, I do not get any RecipeBook info (ie do my alts know it). I get everything I need in the auction house, vendors etc, just not from chat. I have deleted RB & the RecipeBook.lua & RecipeBook.lua.bak from all the alts in the WTF folder and reinstalled but it still occurs. Is...
File: FuBar_PetFu01-10-07
Re: Stabled pet not working
Posted By: Karatanthala
:) Thanks for fixing that bit... Any chance you could get it to retain that info for when you log off/on again instead of having to revisit the stable? Cheers
File: FuBar_PetFu01-07-07
Stabled pet not working
Posted By: Karatanthala
Hi Ricowan I installed the latest version but I still don't get to see anything about my stabled pet - I've even swapped between them to see if this would bring it up but it hasn't.