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File: Chronometer Rewound01-26-09
I'm not sure whether it works for t...
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I'm not sure whether it works for totems (the comments suggest some fiddling is required), but class timers seems to be a decent all-around timer addon. Curse link, the wowi version doesn't seem to receive updates. For totem-specific assistance, you might want to look at totem caddy.
File: Chronometer Rewound12-09-08
Re: Option for long buffs
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Originally posted by Odeezee is there an option or is there something i can change/add to the code so that the mod will only display debuffs/buffs that are less than 1 minute long? currently the mod shows all my buffs like mark of the Wild, Thorns, pots/elixirs/flasks, etc and i want to see are the buffs less than 1 minute long. i...
File: Chronometer Rewound08-27-08
Re: error on log-in
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Originally posted by txamethyst being annoyed with the timers that don't disappear when a mob dies (original chronometer) i decided to give this one a shot. immediately upon log-in, before even taking a step, i got this error: : ChronometerRewound-0.1\core\Chronometer.lua:199: AceEvent-2.0: Cannot register event "UNIT_SPELLCAST...
File: Bagnon01-22-07
Re: graphical problem?? help please.
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Originally posted by Calucifer Look at my inventory... see anything wrong?? notice duplicates? I don't get why those items are like that... you have selected an armor/equipment category in both your bank and inventory windows, the third one from the left with the gauntlet icon. vbagnon therefore displays appropriate items af...