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File: Skada Damage Meter07-29-09
Originally posted by zarnivoop Th...
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Originally posted by zarnivoop There is a "/skada toggle" command. Okay thanks. It's not listed on the slash command list. I did try /skada hide in case it worked but, well it didn't. Skada: Usage: Skada: /skada report Skada: /skada reset Skada: /skada newsegment Skada: /skada config
File: Skada Damage Meter07-25-09
Could you make a /skada show and /s...
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Could you make a /skada show and /skada hide command that would show/hide all windows? As a raidleader I need to be able to very easily display it.... sometimes. And the rest of the time would like it hidden. Right now my only choice is to always have it visible.
File: Skada Damage Meter06-13-09
I recently switched back to Recount...
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I recently switched back to Recount because not being able to actually report the damage done to a specific mob on an encounter (e.g. the people who damaged the Life Sparks on the XT encounter and how much damage they each did) isn't something I can live without.
File: Action Bar Saver05-30-09
Extremely extremely minor but:...
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Extremely extremely minor but: I modified my local copy so 'load' was the same as 'restore', because save/load is what my mind thinks of rather than save/restore, and it's faster. /abs load mimiron /abs load vezax /abs load freya You've made my life so simple these days when I have different hotkeys and specs for each har...
File: Action Bar Saver05-06-09
Originally posted by Shadowed Not...
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Originally posted by Shadowed Note that with duel specs in 3.1, you really do not need this mod anymore, as Blizzard automatically saves/restores action bar setups when swapping between duel specs. While I'll still maintain it for people that need beyond 2 specs/transfering setups between characters, odds are you don't need to u...
File: InTheBuff10-08-08
Re: patch 3.0.2
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Originally posted by Rupilius Quick question: will it work correctly after patch 3.0.2? Yes. You'll either have to load outdated addons, or get the version uploaded with the right WoWInterface number, but since we'll have the new talent trees, it will work properly.
File: InTheBuff10-07-08
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Originally posted by kristovloki Question: does everyone in the raid have to have this installed? Or does only the raid leader need it installed to gather info from everyone? Only the raidleader. The caveat is that people have to be in range to be scanned (but it will tell you who was out of range.)
File: InTheBuff09-28-08
Currently a bug with scanning anyth...
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Currently a bug with scanning anything other than the full raid. I'm fixing it tonight. (I finally got to test it on an actual raid when we killed Malygos tonight.) (edit) this bug is now fixed with version 0.6.3
File: InTheBuff09-27-08
Added Wisdom and Sanctuary, thanks!
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Added Wisdom and Sanctuary, thanks!
File: MikScrollingBattleText05-20-07
If this stops the periodic small cl...
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If this stops the periodic small client freezes I have when I have SCT running... I'm all for it! Two issues that are bothering me right now though: (1) no way to set text opacity I actually don't really *want* to be able to see my SCT most of the time, I use it more to get a sense of the pace of the fight, and then to have...