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File: TwoBox Toolkit12-10-08
Slave Attacking - Confusion
Posted By: pacoboyd
To clear up some confusion. The mod does not allow your "slave" to mimic attacks. You must get a third party piece of software that broadcasts your keystrokes to both instances of wow. Google dualboxing.
File: WTS06-26-07
Great mod! Couple of comments....
Posted By: pacoboyd
Great mod! Couple of comments. 1) Would love to see this on WoWACE wiki (good for updating purposes) 2) Could we get an option that posts the WTS lines spaced out (like 2 - 3 second delay). This would help for the people that accuse of using a macro to sell (and sometimes threaten to ignore for doing so)
File: MetaHud03-25-07
I second (or what ever number) the...
Posted By: pacoboyd
I second (or what ever number) the enemy cast bar. Gotta have it.
File: FuBar - QuestsFu03-22-07
Feature Request
Posted By: pacoboyd
Wow this keeps getting better and betters. Thanks for the sort by level in tracker!. One more feature request and this is perfect IMHO. The tracking by zone works great now, but could we have a feature to remove the quests from the tracker when we leave the zone. Otherwise perfection! Thanks!
File: FuBar - QuestsFu02-27-07
Couple of Requests
Posted By: pacoboyd
Would it be possible to get these features added 1) Auto remove complete quests from tracker. 2) Tracker sorting by level. 3) And this one just because, would it be possible to make the ingame quest log double wide, (quests listed on one side, quest details on the other)
File: Nameplates Modifier02-19-07
Originally posted by Shadowd Scal...
Posted By: pacoboyd
Originally posted by Shadowd Scaling is possible, but changing the scale messes up positioning to the point it's useless, changing the alpha of the name plates is not possible, changing the alpha of the health bar is. Fixed enemy health not updating. Sry I didn't get back sooner. No really what I had in mind was instead of...
File: DoubleWide02-15-07
I realize that Ace does not make th...
Posted By: pacoboyd
I realize that Ace does not make the addon, but Ace does make addons more efficient. Additionally, Ace updater is the best addon updater around.
File: DoubleWide02-15-07
Posted By: pacoboyd
Awesome, this is what I am looking for. Now if I could just make one request. Ace it and have it hosted on Ace Wiki.
File: Nameplates Modifier02-14-07
Some type of range indicator would...
Posted By: pacoboyd
Some type of range indicator would be great. Also would it be possible to change the actual frame to something like an arrow that can fade with health.
File: FuBar - MarkofHonorFu12-28-06
Great, love it, one thing, can you...
Posted By: pacoboyd
Great, love it, one thing, can you also have it display honor as well. I hate having to have two mods to do this one related thing... Thanks!
File: FuBar - HonorFu12-22-06
Got a request. Total Marks of Honor
Posted By: pacoboyd
This would be exactly what I'm looking for IF it also showed the total marks of honor that you have in INV and Bank. Thanks!
File: SmartBuff12-11-06
Originally posted by wizdave Can...
Posted By: pacoboyd
Originally posted by wizdave Can you please seperate Smart Buff and Smart Debuff into two addon folders? I really like Smart Buff but do not particularly like Smart Debuff and it keeps popping up on my screen even after closing it. It seems Smart Debuff still needs some more testing (as of v2.0b) since I got an error. When I go...