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File: Trinket Menu04-22-07
This was an error report but I chan...
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This was an error report but I changed it as I fixed it by running another ace addon update, was a strange occurance, sorry for the inconvenience.
File: FuzzyLogic01-18-07
Error on login: : FuzzyLogic\Fuz...
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Error on login: : FuzzyLogic\FuzzyLogic.lua:55: Cannot find a library with name 'DongleUtils' : in function `pcall' FuzzyLogic\Dongle.lua:172: in function FuzzyLogic\Dongle.lua:289: in function Prevents the addon from working.
File: Bongos201-17-07
Shadow word PAIN :(
Posted By: boohoo
I have the current macro: /cast Shadow Word: Pain(Rank 1); Shadow Word: Pain This is on my second button on the main bar but when I use the modifier and press 2 at the same time it changes the main bar to the second bar. is there a way to turn this effect off?
File: Bagnon12-28-06
A little request, the addon works n...
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A little request, the addon works nicely but (personally) it would be nice if you could change the colour of the border for the ammo slots for people who have quivers, I changed the background to black and the dark green ammo slots don't blend so well.
File: Bongos209-17-06
I'm still getting the problem with...
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I'm still getting the problem with the Defensive stance spell icons. I have the latest version which I think is supposed to fix it. This is the error I get, Im showing the whole thing as it might be related to macro's (SuperMacro), I have some macro's in defense stance and not in any other stance: : SuperMacro\SM_Tooltip.lua:98: a...
File: OneBag308-31-06
## Interface: 11100 Not a biggie...
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## Interface: 11100 Not a biggie but is there a reason for it?
File: Bongos208-29-06
Sorry for posting it here, but I po...
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Sorry for posting it here, but I posted it in the bug report area but I want to bring this up for discussion with the users and the author of this mod. Maybe you can help me? Hey I downloaded this mod as for one I really like low memory addons with nice features and Bongos looked like a good choice for me. So i downloaded it but I...
File: OneBag307-23-06
Error: :4: attempt to call method `...
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Error: :4: attempt to call method `RegisterForClicks' (a nil value) This stops me from being able to view my bank contents, I can hear the bank window open and close. Can put some items in it by right clicking on an item in my inventory but i can't see the actual bank window. Also OneView ( /ovs ) works and shows my bank contents...
File: BigWigs Bossmods07-15-06
Hiya I was just wondering. Would yo...
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Hiya I was just wondering. Would you recommend the use of this mod against CT_Raidassist and just delete the CT_RABossMods. Is this heavier than RABossMods when running with Timex and Ace? if so I don't mean to put you down but I guess i'll just stick with bossmods as my pc isn't the greatest.