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File: ItemRack05-16-09
Thanks, the banking option is nice,...
Posted By: Bruneor
Thanks, the banking option is nice, didn't know this works. Hm, looks like I have to get into some coding works again and try a q'n'd work for myself, because I often have my bags full with drops from instance runs and I have to look, what I could sell with the tooltip line. But thx for the info anyway. Bye.
File: ItemRack05-13-09
I wonder, if anybody knows if there...
Posted By: Bruneor
I wonder, if anybody knows if there is a way to get ItemRack printing a line in a tooltip, to which set the current hovered gear is, ie. like in ClosetGnome, since I have around 50 gear items in my bags and I want to put some stuff into my bank but I have to rechecek several minutes before can do so, because I switched back parts of...
File: FuBar - FriendsFu08-31-06
Posted By: Bruneor
The Alt Click works, but the leftclick for whispering doesn't work for me. Hm, someone else got this problem and fixed it or know what it is?