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File: Sell Grey10-17-11
Very Nice Addon!!!
Posted By: delaplane1626
I love this addon so nice i was wondering if you can update it by chance please? Thanks in advance :banana::D
File: qMinimap05-20-11
Right Clicking doesn't bring menu
Posted By: delaplane1626
I Right click it and nothing happens but brings up all the minimap options but menus. Please help!
File: oUF_Diablo12-13-09
Party Targeting?
Posted By: delaplane1626
UI Kicks ass! I have one question though, Is there a party targeting System by chance? If there isn't do you have a way to turn off the party mod so I can use my own or your pearl one istead? Thank you!!
File: Roth UI (Diablo)12-11-09
a few things to ask?
Posted By: delaplane1626
1.) I cant find anything on this addon could you please show or tell us what it is and if it is able to be messed with? Thanks 2.) Are you still working on being able to move the castingbar? Thank you for this really nice clean cut looking UI...Dig the orbs!
File: BasicChatMods12-10-09
Re: Re: Timestamp?
Posted By: delaplane1626
:banana:Originally posted by funkydude Remove this line in channelnames.lua text = "|cff"..COLOR..lbrack..date(tformat)..rbrack.."|r "..text Sorry I'll add more text explaining it better. :banana: Not a problem at all thanks for the great Addon!
File: BasicChatMods12-10-09
Posted By: delaplane1626
How can i get rid of timestamps now?
File: FailBot08-10-09
Update this please?!?!?!?!
Posted By: delaplane1626
Update this to 3.2 please i love this addon~!!!!
File: DagAssist (Continued)08-10-09
Is there?
Posted By: delaplane1626
Is there going to be an update for 3.2 of this? really love the mod! :p
File: Sell-O-Matic12-03-08
Good Addon!
Posted By: delaplane1626
I do like your addon! Thank you! About what the Noob dude is talking aobut selling everything well F-him who cares! I did get my stuff sold every last bit of it in my bags but it was my fault I made a user list or something like that and it sold every thing but I took off the Auto sell list and it works just fine for me again thank y...
File: Decursive07-22-07
Ace2 Needed?
Posted By: delaplane1626
I put just Decursive in to my addons and it works with out ace2 folder is that ok? I like it myself but not sure if its ok or not?!?!?!? :confused:
File: XPBar04-19-07
Fixing my text to normal size again
Posted By: delaplane1626
I love the xp bar but how can i fix my text it is way to small for me to see it. thanks