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File: Cartographer07-17-09
Whenever i open the map in AV i get...
Posted By: Kaynos
Whenever i open the map in AV i get this : http://i30.tinypic.com/15zmqeh.jpg Any idea how to fix this ?
File: TomTom12-08-08
Anyone else keeping getting wrong c...
Posted By: Kaynos
Anyone else keeping getting wrong coordinate from Tomtom ? I click a coordinate link from Light Headed, for example 12.12, 23.23, TomTom arrow appear on my screen saying it's 500y away i get there and noticed it's nowwhere near that location.... I click the coord again and NOW it tells me the correct coordinate. Now i click a co...
File: LightHeaded11-18-08
Keep getting this error : http:/...
Posted By: Kaynos
Keep getting this error : http://img206.imageshack.us/img206/9896/bugpf3.jpg Add-on conflict ? I'm only using Lightheaded with Tomtom, nothing else. Also how do you update the database ? I found several quests in Northrend with no description but on Wowhead there are severals comments.