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File: EventHorizon03-09-09
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Firstly, fantastic addon :-) Would it be possible to change it so that the 'gcd bar' would instead be a 'next time able to cast bar'. I know the green bar shows when you the end of the cast is but I would like to see the option to have both functions merged. Would make it easier for me to see if shadowbolt's cast is going to end b...
File: mRogue07-27-08
Re: need to move mRogue
Posted By: Vodrin
Originally posted by toybreaker Love this addon. Question...how do i move it? tried all variations of keys and mouse buttons with no luck. Thanks. EDIT: - NVM, found it in the LUA...changed to frame:SetPoint("RIGHT",UIPARENT,"CENTER",-400,100) It was just a little too close...this is the best rogue addon ever..great to see th...
File: MikScrollingBattleText02-21-07
add 'Shadowmend' to the throttled H...
Posted By: Vodrin
add 'Shadowmend' to the throttled HoTs please. 3 set Frozen Shadoweave set bonus.. awfully spammy.
File: BossBlock07-11-06
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