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File: thek: Castbar04-15-10
keep it simple
Posted By: potpal
Im still using the old Improved Castingbar, because it have the default blizzard look. The features that was in the old one was enough.
File: SolaceBuffDisplay08-18-09
Posted By: potpal
Greetings! I play a priest and can confirm that the debuffs aren't shown correctly. I have to rely on Decursive's live list to figure out who's got a debuff that I can dispell. Im sure they arent shown on the top right of the party frames. I tried the CT_Partybuffs addon and the debuffs are shown on the top right with it. Also the...
File: Extended Unit Frames08-02-09
Please someone
Posted By: potpal
I have abandoned all of the UF addons out there because blizzards UF have become somewhat better now. Still they lack many features like range transparency, party targets, party castbars, crappy party buff display etc. Some of the mentioned theres addons for but EUF has the stuff which I miss now. So please you mr. skilled LUA progr...