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File: oUF08-28-08
Re: Re: Missing Something
Posted By: Andrek
Originally posted by haste Does the layout support the castbars? A layout isn't required to have everything oUF provides. Ahh, that's it then. I thought that since oUF had built in support, they'd be there. Thanks for clarifying that... I'll go hide in my corner now... :)
File: oUF08-27-08
Missing Something
Posted By: Andrek
I downloaded oUF_Castbar from wowace and it says oUF now has castbars. If oUF has castbars, I'm missing them or I'm missing something in the lua. All I get, whether or not I enable oUF_Castbar, is the default WoW castbar. Thanks in advance.
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Thank You
Posted By: Andrek
First, thanks for this simple bar mod. I had been playing around w/ DAB and it's just got too many options. :D Second, not sure this is a bug, or just something I did, but on my main, I set up the various bars, saved the profile, and set about playing an alt. As I started the alt, I noticed that the "main" and "bag" menus don...