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File: WoWI Mod Uploader06-16-15
Re: Uploading Files
Posted By: SDPhantom
Most websites have a simple 'upload' button. Why go through all this 'waste of time and energy' stuff just to upload a file? puts me right off uploading stuff :( This allows for batch processing and provides a way to facilitate a level of automated distribution. If you don't need any of these, then don't use it. Some of us that main...
File: Altoholic03-03-15
Re: problem when switching toons
Posted By: SDPhantom
Message: Interface\AddOns\DataStore\DataStore.lua:177: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) Time: 02/26/15 11:13:15 Count: 1 Stack: (tail call): ? Interface\AddOns\DataStore\DataStore.lua:177: in function "]:4: in function <"]:4> : ? "]:13: in function `?' ...ore\libs\Callbac...
File: SlashHelp10-24-14
Re: some idea to led it better .
Posted By: SDPhantom
When I get around to it, the entire interface will be rewritten from scratch. I had always intended the scrollbar on the list frame to be dragable, but I ended up settling with using the scroll wheel. The options frame will need to be placed elsewhere. Perhaps make it a popup when the list is right-clicked. Sadly, auto-complete will...
File: ChatLinkIcons10-14-14
Re: WoD
Posted By: SDPhantom
no error or anything, but it just doesn't do anything for me. using prat... hm. :-( I had it working in beta. I'll take a look into what might be causing the problem. Edit: Turned out to be a packaging problem. The new zip file uploaded should work. In my haste to get the addon ready for uploading, I had missed the fact "Core.lua...
File: CooldownWatch09-29-14
I'm sitting at a crossroads now reg...
Posted By: SDPhantom
I'm sitting at a crossroads now regarding the future of this addon. Starting with WoD, cooldown frames will start to display their own countdown text by default. Right now, this is only enabled on the actionbars. My choices are to either expand on this feature by enabling it for all other cooldown frames and resizing the text to f...
File: TrainAll08-06-14
Re: Feature Request
Posted By: SDPhantom
Would it be possible for the Train All button to be grayed out whenever the Train button next to it is grayed out? This would be for situations where you speak to a Trainer for a skill you haven't learned. As of now, the Train button is not clickable, but Train All is. From all my testing, it seems to be running as intended. The onl...
File: CooldownWatch01-09-14
any way to exclude the text on targ...
Posted By: SDPhantom
any way to exclude the text on target's buffs? i dont care about those numbers, just my own. The method used to make sure this addon works with all custom UIs makes it difficult if not impossible for it to tell the difference between one CoolDown frame and another.
File: SlashHelp03-20-13
Re: slight confusion on my part
Posted By: SDPhantom
The front page of this addon says it's version 4.2, updated on March 7th, 2013. The changelog says it's version 4.2 updated in September ... Is the changelog out of date, or the file version number, or... ? Just checking as part of deciding if I want to add this to my collection of addons... The changelog is correct. The web...
File: Altoholic03-13-13
Re: Re: Thank you !!
Posted By: SDPhantom
WoWI was my first home, before Curse. You don't forget home :) WoWI has always been my home. I tried Curse once, but they made a really bad first impression with how glitchy their site was at the time. Back then, I had trouble trying to get my account set up, on top of the fact if I wanted to download any addons hosted there, I had...
File: CooldownWatch03-13-13
Re: hi :)
Posted By: SDPhantom
Thank you for answering my questions very kindly. I have one more question to ask The global cooltime and specific skill cool time are displayed at once. Is there any way to change this so that I see only the skill cooltime? The only way I can think of is to check the duration of a cooldown and only act if it's greater than the...
File: TrainAll03-08-13
All it needed was the TOC number to...
Posted By: SDPhantom
All it needed was the TOC number to be incremented. Everything else worked fine as-is.
File: CooldownWatch03-08-13
Re: hi :)
Posted By: SDPhantom
Is there a way to increase the counter number size? I tried replacing the "NumberFontNormalLarge", I want more big size I suppose you can add ptr:SetTextHeight(24); after ptr:SetPoint("TOP"); As a reference to the number used for the font height, NumberFontNormalSmall is 12, NumberFontNormal is 14, NumberFontNormalLarge is 16, and...
File: SpellList12-01-12
This would only happen theoreticall...
Posted By: SDPhantom
This would only happen theoretically if you tried using the "scannew" command. If that's the case, it would be doing as it was designed to do and wait for the "scanstop" command to halt it. I'll take a look into implementing an upper limit to this scan. Usually if there are new spells to be discovered, it should only take a couple se...
File: SpellList11-28-12
This feature will probably have to...
Posted By: SDPhantom
This feature will probably have to be its own addon. The data required will have to be provided in an internal database and actively maintained. This is because no API calls are available that supply the needed info to identify what spells are used by what race/class/spec/etc.
File: ChatLinkIcons11-15-12
It always ask me to disable this ad...
Posted By: SDPhantom
It always ask me to disable this addon when I try to change my talent or glyph. Any fix would be great. Thanks! Are you trying to set a glyph or talent while in combat? There's no direct involvement between this addon and the talent/glyph system, however, Blizzard has been known to have these kind of glitches in their code when deal...
File: Brewmaster Tao09-28-12
Re: Duplicate Name
Posted By: SDPhantom
Great addon, the name in the Link is Brewmaster Tao, which is awesome! But on the install it is only Tao. Problem is that there is a Rogue addon with the same name TAO. Can you update the addon in the future to use the Brewmaster Tao instead? You can do this by changing the folder name to that then going in the folder and changing t...
File: SlashHelp09-26-12
Version 4.2 is out with a quick pat...
Posted By: SDPhantom
Version 4.2 is out with a quick patch to the scanner that resolves an error that rises when an addon attempts to set nil to a new SlashCmdList entry. The same check is also applied to the hidden feature of detecting direct hash_SlashCmdList injections.
File: Altoholic09-11-12
Re: Changes to the Fishing SpellID (breakage after 5.0.5?)
Posted By: SDPhantom
It appears the old Fishing trade spellID of 7620 is no longer; the new ID appears to be 131476. My game client seems to be saying its ID is 131474. Further investigation shows "Fishing" matching the spell description is occupying the following IDs. 63275 131474 131476 131490
File: Spydon09-11-12
In my own testing, I seem to keep g...
Posted By: SDPhantom
In my own testing, I seem to keep getting variation in the number of C stacks appearing at the top of both types of call stacks. To fix this issue, the next version will run a string pattern match on top of a base stack offset to pop them off the recorded stacks. This will give it the display as intended. Another feature that I've...
File: GAOA - Guild Applicant Online Alert02-02-12
Re: Constant chat spam
Posted By: SDPhantom
Great concept but with the visual chat message I keep getting saying "No player named ________ is currently playing" it makes it unusable for me at the moment! Can you please fix this? Im using Broker: chat alerts and its constantly spamming my screen http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info17596-BrokerChatAlerts.html Thank yo...
File: GAOA - Guild Applicant Online Alert12-01-11
No errors yet when loading out of d...
Posted By: SDPhantom
No errors yet when loading out of date. I have a newer version in development, so the ToC will be updated when I get to finishing it.
File: SpellList12-01-11
Version 1.4 is out, which fixes pro...
Posted By: SDPhantom
Version 1.4 is out, which fixes problems with the scanner causing a momentary pause on load and freezing the game with the "scannew" command.
File: SlashHelp11-29-11
SlashHelp 4.1 - Update required for WoW 4.3.0
Posted By: SDPhantom
Version 4.1 is a quick fix to patch the scanner code so it doesn't interfere with Blizzard's new slash command code. This is required for WoW 4.3.0 as using the older version causes errors which completely breaks the chat/command system in WoW.
File: Redeemer09-07-11
Originally posted by Ryplinn Orig...
Posted By: SDPhantom
Originally posted by Ryplinn Originally posted by Maelynn I had emptied the self-ressing part of the quote .lua, and it used to work just fine. However, lately I've been getting an error every time I use my Ankh: ... It looks like the random() function now needs a non-null argument It's running when the variable selfQuotes is e...
File: Redeemer09-06-11
If you open Redemer.lua in somethin...
Posted By: SDPhantom
If you open Redemer.lua in something like Notepad, find line 78. It should look like this. To find a line number in Notepad, you need to have Word Wrap turned off in the Format menu so you can turn on the status bar in the View menu. When done, this will show something like "Ln X, Col Y" at the bottom of the window, this would show...