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File: xanAutoMail08-10-11
Quick Question
Posted By: Kewi
Does this addon interact at all with the default auto-loot setting? I am trying to track down an odd bug and this is one of the few changes I made recently, but my auto-loot seems to toggle itself off occasionally.
File: Possessions06-29-11
Updated for 4.2
Posted By: Kewi
I'm showing the author as last online here on wowinterface in November 30th 2010 So I've gone ahead and updated my old 4.0.4 version to 4.2 & fixed the display error Update for version 4.2
File: Possessions for 4.206-28-11
This addon updated for 4.2
Posted By: Kewi
This addon updated for 4.2
File: Possessions06-28-11
Looks like possessions might need a...
Posted By: Kewi
Looks like possessions might need an update... getting item strings on my searches... haven't cleared my WTF file yet, bit busy with the new stuff :-) Update: The rarity 'string' is getting listed... ff0070dd = rare ffa335ee = epic etc. Resulting in the name showing up in the list being, for example: ffa335eeDream...
File: LayCallToArmsAlert05-23-11
I agree... An auto-On / Always-o...
Posted By: Kewi
I agree... An auto-On / Always-on feature would be nice. It's "okay" as is, but i swap a lot of characters... I hate to go into options 2-3 times an hour (while waiting for a CTA)
File: NeedToKnow12-29-10
Posted By: Kewi
Hey all, Hope someone can help me here.. I like NtK, and kinda confused and getting a headache trying to figure out how to set this up... Perhaps adding something in the FAQ about working with ICD's would be good ;-) In 1 bar, preferably, I want to track an entire trinket * Visual bar saying "Ready" when ICD is completed / o...
File: Possessions for 4.210-25-10
Added LDB Support per Coani's post....
Posted By: Kewi
Added LDB Support per Coani's post. I tested tested it quickly to make sure it works/supports/doesn't break if LDB isn't supported (The initial reason I excluded it) Also, updated most of the numbers to reflect 4.0.1 And re: (and personally, I have the SetFocus line at 508 commented out, I absolutely hate having it steal my...
File: Possessions for 4.210-18-10
Originally posted by Sunhead Than...
Posted By: Kewi
Originally posted by Sunhead Thank-you Kewi for compiling the updates. :banana: Maybe you should add the other folks as contributors so the project is not reliant on any one person staying in the game? I left optional files / uploads on in case people wanted to upload changes in the future.. and if anyone wants to be added t...
File: Possessions (WotLK 3.3)10-16-10
Posted By: Kewi
Thanks for the work guys. Since no one has yet, I compiled all the changes and uploaded a 4.0.1 version for those that don't want to edit the files themselves... http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info18321-PossessionsUpd.for4.0.1Cata.html