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File: World Quest Tracker09-21-16
WQ tracker
Posted By: Aethra
Is there an option to scale the World Quest Tracker that I'm not seeing? With that out of the way... Could you please add an option to scale it up or to increase the font size? It is so small, I can't read it! It's essentially rendered useless, which is a shame because I love the feature. The way it interacts with the map...
File: LightHeaded09-07-16
I just wanted to say... Oh. My....
Posted By: Aethra
I just wanted to say... Oh. My. God. Thank you for updating. This must have been a monumental task. There are so many quests that have changed, comments galore and just.. wow. You've made my questing experience so much better. :banana:
File: ls: Toasts08-11-16
This one is in works. But it'll be...
Posted By: Aethra
This one is in works. But it'll be "dirty" scaling, I'll be using object:SetScale(scale) and will add scale slider to config panel. There's no way in hell that I redraw textures for bigger and smaller toast sizes :p I know some of those words! :confused: I appreciate it. Thanks for listening to us and for all your work!
File: ls: Toasts08-11-16
Love the look
Posted By: Aethra
One request! Any chance of adding scaling ability? I play on a big monitor and I'm old. :p I would love to be able to make the toasts wider, a tad taller and the font larger. Is this even possible from your end? Thanks so much. This is soooo much better looking than the standard loot frames!
File: Arx Armory07-10-16
Tried to install today on fresh win...
Posted By: Aethra
Tried to install today on fresh win 10 install and it wouldn't open. Blah. Such potential! I have all the latest drivers/software and whatnot. Looking forward to future updates! ;) /subtle hint
File: TomTom09-20-15
Thanks for the update! We've a...
Posted By: Aethra
Thanks for the update! We've all missed you.
File: Who Framed Watcher Wabbit?11-01-14
2.0.1 changes: Still working on...
Posted By: Aethra
2.0.1 changes: Still working on a better solution to the taint message, but at least you can use quest items from the tracker now... :rolleyes: Thank you!
File: Who Framed Watcher Wabbit?10-25-14
Posted By: Aethra
I got an error when I clicked on the... ? of time... thingy to unlock the Siege or Orgrimmar raid. I clicked on the icon next to the tracked quest. Just wanted to let you know! Thanks for what you do - love your addons. :) 1x AddOn 'Who Framed Watcher Wabbit' tried to call the protected function 'UseQuestLogSpecialItem(...
File: Cork12-22-12
FWIW, I get this same error. Err...
Posted By: Aethra
FWIW, I get this same error. Error with Hunter Alt: Date: 2012-12-14 15:37:01 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ...terface\AddOns\Cork\templates\SelfBufferAdvanced.lua line 14: table index is nil Debug: : ? ...terface\AddOns\Cork\templates\SelfBufferAdvanced.lua:14: GenerateAdvancedSelfBuffer()...
File: TipTop10-09-08
Originally posted by Seerah You c...
Posted By: Aethra
Originally posted by Seerah You can either get used to looking at the border and/or reading the class text or stick with a different tooltip addon. Sorry. :) No problem at all. It's your mod! :)
File: TipTop10-08-08
Originally posted by Seerah Targe...
Posted By: Aethra
Originally posted by Seerah Target name is class colored already. I was referring to the Target in the tooltip itself...not the ToT. So if you were targeted a Rank 1 mage it would be: Private MageName Guild Name Level 70 Gnome Mage I know you have the border color but some people (ok..me?) instinctively look at the...
File: TipTop10-07-08
Any chance of making the name of th...
Posted By: Aethra
Any chance of making the name of the target class colored? I do love the border but I'm so used to having it class colored from other mods that I'm distracted when it's white!
File: Bagsy08-30-08
Works great on my hunter now. :)...
Posted By: Aethra
Works great on my hunter now. :) Thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. :cool: :banana:
File: Bagsy08-29-08
I'll do my best not to bring out th...
Posted By: Aethra
I'll do my best not to bring out the cranky old curmudgeon in you. :) Thanks for your speedy reply! Take care.
File: Bagsy08-28-08
Love the mods and your attitude!...
Posted By: Aethra
Love the mods and your attitude! It's a refreshing change of pace from all the cynical, cranky bastards out there! ;) Was wondering if you had any plans on adding a toggle to show/hide Ammo and shard bags? Knowing my hunter has 90 bag slots total is great but if 20 of them are ammo slots, I don't really care since those aren'...
File: Hear Kitty08-16-08
Posted By: Aethra
I got this mod thinking it would be cute for a while and then it would become annoying and I'd drop it. Not true at ALL. It is so handy to not have to stare at the screen to see combo points while in a raid and trying to monitor a million other things at the same time. Great mod!
File: oUF_Pwnography07-30-08
Re: Pitbull
Posted By: Aethra
Originally posted by reale Any chance you can export your pitbull layout? I can use that in the mean time also. PM me your email address and I'll sent you my Pitbull saved variables.
File: oUF_Pwnography07-28-08
Re: Some Pics
Posted By: Aethra
Arnath is really busy with work and such. It's my Pitbull frames he's been copying to make this mod for me! He's been working on it in his spare time and has worked wonders with it compared to what I was able to do. Here's a screenshot of my druid in a party while using Pitbull: http://img391.imageshack.us/img391/7070/pitbul...
File: oUF_Pwnography07-22-08
MINE! heheh :banana:
Posted By: Aethra
MINE! heheh :banana:
File: NPC Silencer German05-17-08
Originally posted by Broessel01 A...
Posted By: Aethra
Originally posted by Broessel01 Aethra, please give me feedback ;) I've had no problems with it at all so far. Things are quieter! There are a couple other NPCs that I wouldn't mind shutting up but I haven't made any notes for them. I will next time! The guy who yells about the fruit vendor in Shattrah...can you shut him...
File: Nameplates Modifier05-13-08
Originally posted by Bobwich III...
Posted By: Aethra
Originally posted by Bobwich III Addon folder is messed up, cannot copy the whole folder out of the zip. FWIW, I get this same problem with all of your Addons, Shadowd. I've tried WinRAR, 7zip, default Winblows extracter and also using IE7 instead of Firefox for the DL. None of it works. It's frustrating but I usually just...
File: NPC Silencer German05-11-08
Your english is better than some Am...
Posted By: Aethra
Your english is better than some Americans' I know! :) Looks like a handy mod. I like that it blocks selective NPCs and not all. Will try it out.
File: LightHeaded04-05-08
So happy to see the LOD back in! T...
Posted By: Aethra
So happy to see the LOD back in! Thanks for this brilliant mod, Clad. :) It really works beautifully and saves so much time. For the post below me: Take a look at Mapster + TomTom to replace Cartographer. It's a great combination that I've been using for quite a while. If you are a gatherer, Gathermate works well.
File: On-use Cooldown Notifier11-26-07
Something I never would have though...
Posted By: Aethra
Something I never would have thought of but it's a great idea. :) Gonna give it a shot!
File: Examiner08-17-07
Could you please put a list of the...
Posted By: Aethra
Could you please put a list of the latest changes in the description? Thanks ;)