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File: XPBarNone02-02-07
Re: Re: Feature Request
Posted By: Sheathe
Originally posted by phyber The rounding of edges is a texture thing. If you know a nice texture that has rounded edges, point me to it and I might add it. I assume by "grid" you mean the bubble things along the XP bar, there is an option called "Bubbles" that adds lines to the bar to give that effect. I think the term "bub...
File: XLoot12-10-06
Slight alteration of moving loot to mouse
Posted By: Sheathe
Could you make the loot window slightly lower / higher when it auto-moves over the mouse. ATM the mouse covers the stack number of the first item which is kind of annoying :)
File: FuBar - GarbageFu09-09-06
Add to auto-sell items list?
Posted By: Sheathe
Is there a way to add specific items to the SELL items list? I know you can add to drop / keep, but what about sell items? Also i increased the item threshold to green and it still didnt sell any rubbish Whites.