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File: Altoholic04-30-10
Possession Info not showing in AtlasLoot tooltips
Posted By: RiZLA
I notice other addon info (eg. Pawn, RatingBuster) is being shown in Atlasloot item tooltips, but the info from Altoholic (eg. Possession count) isnt. I've dreamed of this feature for a LONG time, please find a way to make it happen! :D Love the addon btw, thanks :)
File: FuBar 3.6.509-23-06
I finally gave in & made the switch...
Posted By: RiZLA
I finally gave in & made the switch from Titan to Fubar. Everytime i ReloadUI all the plugins dissapear, all that remains is the bar textures with no writing on them. Trying to re-add the missing plugins doesnt work. Deleting the SV data file resets everything, so it will work again until next ReloadUI. This Makes Fubar total...