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File: HealBot continued (MoP) Beta08-24-12
Getting gradually high memory usage...
Posted By: Rhod
Getting gradually high memory usage while solo (2MB ramps up to 10+MB, then resets) with High CPU usage and lag. Tested on 8/23/12 with build 16016.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames11-27-09
Love this mod so far. The only thin...
Posted By: Rhod
Love this mod so far. The only thing I miss from Xperl is the ability to toggle the Blizzard "Elite" and "Rare" Dragons on the target bar. Any chance of adding this in the future? Thanks for your work.
File: EasyRaid09-02-06
I am having the same problem with t...
Posted By: Rhod
I am having the same problem with the frames stuck in the middle of the screen. I also get several duplicates of the same window and they reopen after I close them (up to 15+ Group 2 windows in BG last night). I'm using Outcasts UI compilation with all add-ons except the Hunter/Pet type add-ons loaded. Hope this helps. Edit: I'll...