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File: Grid02-10-08
first of all I love Grid, but is th...
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first of all I love Grid, but is there a Configuration-mode ? i must re-place the grid ( I make a new Interface ), but I can not do this in a Raid :( to much time and in BG ... no not really :D so can I show the complete Frame ( 25er Raid) so I can move it into the right position ?? I'am sorry about my Bad english....:cool:
File: GridMending02-03-08
i change something in the code --->...
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i change something in the code ---> ................ local D = nil; for i=1, 40 do local name, rank, iconTexture, count, duration, timeLeft = UnitBuff(unit,i); if name then if name == L then C = count; D = duration; break; end .......
File: GridMending01-27-08
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hmm it will not work if it's possible thats not working with the german Client ??
File: Grid-oRA2 Layouts09-15-07
Re: Bug?
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Originally posted by healmuth Hi there, when i active the layout in raid i have two strange things happening: either i get 4 players displayed that are not set as MT or i get 8 or even 10 tanks displayed which are copies of the MT list (usually 4 in our raid). Am i doing something wrong or is it a bug? Thanks! i have t...