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File: HealBot Continued02-01-08
Re: Re: Healbot still does not honor
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Originally posted by Strife in the latest version? i have read other reports this is fixed. Yes, well - not the one you just uploaded, but all versions prior to that. I'm downloading and installing the latest ( as I'm typing this, so I'll soon know if the problem persists... ...and it seems it does. I wiped the ol...
File: HealBot Continued01-27-08
Healbot still does not honor "disable healbot" option.
Posted By: wyrmseeker
Ever since the 2.0 version came out, it's been impossible to get rid of the Healbot window (except for very temporarily) by selecting "Disable HealBot" in the Healbot options. If you select "Disable HealBot", the frame will initially disappear. However, soon after, the frame will re-appear, or rather, a ghost frame. It won't be pr...
File: Reagent Restocker12-21-07
Re: Version 0.6b
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Originally posted by cheeken Please speak up if you see any bugs, annoyances, or have any feature requests. Well, since you ask... :) * I'd like to be able to specify items not currently in my inventory or the seller, i.e., to use RR to auto-buy limited quantity items from vendors. It's currently not even enough to have the...
File: HealBot Continued11-12-07
Disabling Healbot doesn't disable/hide the healbot frame
Posted By: wyrmseeker
Hi, I'm using Healbot on a couple of my hybrid toons. Since they're hybrids, and I'm not always healing, I disable healbot when I'm not a, well, healbot. However, in the new version, disabling healbot will only temporarily hide the healbot frame. Soon after disabling them, they will reappear. I've seen multiple reports of this, bu...
File: Sage UnitFrames07-24-07
It would be nice if Sage could be t...
Posted By: wyrmseeker
It would be nice if Sage could be taught to handle long names better, with the current version, my name gets chopped off at the end. Would it be possible to scale the fonts or something? (Automatically would be great, but manually would suffice.)
File: Sage UnitFrames04-26-07
Future of Sage?
Posted By: wyrmseeker
I was just wondering what the future of Sage is (if any)? The current version works, for the most part, but there are a few minor issues still in it: * Most of the new marks will show up in the target frame, but a few won't. * At times, I will get invited to groups, but the other members of the group never show up in the inter...
File: Bagnon03-24-07
Originally posted by Tuller A que...
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Originally posted by Tuller A question for the category users, how about if the category buttons acted like real tabs? Ex, clicking on a tab will switch Bagnon to show just those items in that category, but you won't be able to view multiple categories at any given time. Tricky question - I typically keep one category open alo...
File: Bagnon03-23-07
Originally posted by Tuller I as...
Posted By: wyrmseeker
Originally posted by Tuller I ask those of you who needed the categories to please tell me how you were using them, but to also try other inventory mods, like TBag, Baggins, ArkInventory, and Advanced Bags, to see if those work well for you. I've used a couple other bag addons, but not been very happy with them. Jumped on the...
File: ConsisTint12-12-06
2.0 update?
Posted By: wyrmseeker
Any chance we'll see an update? I really miss having my channels colored so I can tell them apart.