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File: ZHunterMod10-17-07
Well I loaded the game without it e...
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Well I loaded the game without it enabled through the addons panel at the character load screen, then enabled it with my addon control panel and reloaded the ui. Well, here is the result... this is after another cleaning of the zhunter files and folder. http://i20.tinypic.com/1218rqt.jpg
File: ZHunterMod10-17-07
Anyone else having trouble getting...
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Anyone else having trouble getting the latest zhunter to show up at all? I've deleted my saved variables, did a clean install of the zhunter folder, but the buttons are not showing up anywhere on the screen. I've got a huge list of addons, but they all worked fine with it until this latest update, and I didn't add anything new.
File: MinimapButtonBag09-17-07
This mod hasn't been updated in som...
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This mod hasn't been updated in some time, and seems to have loads of errors and memory usage issues. Anyone out there that can update and fix it? I've really gotten used to this, and with all the recent changes over at wowace, this has become completely messed up and causes loads and loads of stack overflows. Until the changes at wo...
File: ZHunterMod08-14-07
Has this mod been abandoned? No act...
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Has this mod been abandoned? No action at all in 6 months. Still would like OCC to work with this mod, as I'm still using it for my hunter. Still works fine, just always concerned that the next patch is gonna break it.
File: Fizzwidget ReagentCost07-22-07
I'm also wondering about kc_items c...
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I'm also wondering about kc_items compatibility. Is there a line in the code somewhere that has been commented out, that's causing it to not work?
File: ZHunterMod02-07-07
Originally posted by Lindalas Get...
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Originally posted by Lindalas Get OmniCC timers... it adds cooldown timers to everything. As for the second question it is straight forward to write a macro that does pet attack then casts hunter's mark. Interesting, I've got OmniCC, and it doesn't show any cooldown timers for the traps in Zhunter... Is there a / command to int...
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons01-29-07
Do you plan to add any support for...
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Do you plan to add any support for any other unit frames? Or just ag_unitframes? I currently use xperl and have come to grow very fond of them, lol.
File: SimpleMp3 Player v2.0.301-12-07
Is there subfolder support for this...
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Is there subfolder support for this? Or do all the audio files need to be in the main mp3 folder?