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File: ItemRack 2.16 (Old version don't download)09-26-07
Posted By: riddley
I just installed this to try to fix the 2.2 bug with the character sheet and it DELETED ALL OF MY SETS. I had about 10 sets, so I lost a lot. Yea, I shoulda backed up... whatever.
File: ShapeBind02-20-07
Flight Form?
Posted By: riddley
Great Mod! Any chance you'll be supporting Flight Form and Epic Flight Form?
File: FuBar - DurabilityFu01-21-07
Ammo Bag Optimization?
Posted By: riddley
Hi, Thanks for all of the cool addons. They quite simply rock. I play a hunter and I noticed recently that every time I fired my bow I'd get an error message that required me to click OK. I assume that this is happening because the number of arrows/bullets I have is diminishing and Durabilityfu is re-scanning my inventory after no...
File: Wardrobe-AL10-20-06
I have the same bank problem.
Posted By: riddley
Subject sez all. Wardrobe is great!!