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Can you change credit to "Shadowgle...
Posted By: Tanao
Can you change credit to "Shadowglen of Llane" please? Tanao is actually an alt I don't play all that often. Thanks in advance. Awesome work, btw - you've really gone above and beyond with this addon. I'm impressed.
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I like it, but is there a reason as...
Posted By: Tanao
I like it, but is there a reason as to why you didn't give me credit for the idea? :( Original thread: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?fn=wow-interface-customization&t=425101&tmp=1#post425101
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Posted By: Tanao
This isn't working properly. I tested it by trying to purchase 30 Bleach. The confirmation popped up, I clicked Yes, and it bought 4. 4 != 30