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File: Yay Mounts11-28-12
Re: Re: Fix for 5.1
Posted By: Zulah
Fix for 5.1: open "Interface\AddOns\YayMounts\YayMounts.lua" Replace all instances of GetSummonedPetID with GetSummonedPetGUID Also replace all occurrences of SummonPetByID with SummonPetByGUI Hmmm... still seems to be broken. :( Prolly have to wait for the official that fixed mine. Make sure you replaced both. I bel...
File: Yay Mounts11-28-12
Fix for 5.1
Posted By: Zulah
Fix for 5.1: open "Interface\AddOns\YayMounts\YayMounts.lua" Replace all instances of GetSummonedPetID with GetSummonedPetGUID Also replace all occurances of SummonPetByID with SummonPetByGUI
File: Totem Timers11-16-07
Posted By: Zulah
7.2d * Fixed reincarnation timer I think it's just delayed from when I update to when it is available.
File: Totem Timers11-13-07
Posted By: Zulah
7.2c * Fixed time display for patch 2.3
File: Totem Timers11-11-07
7.2b * Fixed Earth Shield tr...
Posted By: Zulah
7.2b * Fixed Earth Shield tracker * Fixed Shield and Earth Shield tracker showing wrong icons after opening the worldmap
File: Totem Timers10-27-07
Posted By: Zulah
All updates done by Xianghar. 7.2a * Fixed error messages for low level shamans without reincarnation spell 7.2 * Rewrote tracker buttons, Mac clients should no longer crash * Hopefully fixed totems disappearing from totem menus after dragging them * Fixed buff style not showing timers in combat *...
File: Totem Timers07-04-07
Version 7.1h
Posted By: Zulah
7.1h - Added Chinese translations thanks to ios/Sabre.
File: Totem Timers06-18-07
Updated 7.1g
Posted By: Zulah
7.1g - TotemTimers_TrackerFrame now hidden on load - Fixed "free" arrangement of the tracker icons
File: Totem Timers05-28-07
Posted By: Zulah
Do a /tt reset. Xianghar ' Added options gui, open with /tt or /totemtimers - Added Lightning/Water Shield Tracker, leftclick to cast Lighning Shield, rightlick to cast Water Shield - Added Earth Shield Tracker, leftclick to cast on focus, rightclick to cast on target, middleclick to cast on targettarget - Added Main-/Off-Hand Wea...
File: Totem Timers02-15-07
New Version 7.0
Posted By: Zulah
2.14.2007 - New Version Released 7.0 - This entire update is credited Xianghar. The entire re-rewrite and beta test of this new and vastly improved version of totem timers is all his doing. Read the readme up top. Lots of changes including recasting and pulse coloring for totems like Earthbind and Poison/Disease Cleansing.
File: Totem Timers01-11-07
Re: juki
Posted By: Zulah
Unfortunately for now that functionality was killed by blizzard in the 2.0.1 patch. Working on a work around but it's not as easy as I thought it was going to be.
File: Totem Timers01-10-07
Posted By: Zulah
Xianghar helped add the code for SCT support and also the Totemic Call working correctly from BC. Existe: Hmm not sure let me see what event fires when you recall to see I can use it for a reset.
File: Totem Timers01-09-07
Posted By: Zulah
Try the latest hopefully it will be better.
File: Totem Timers01-03-07
Totem Timers 1.5.2007
Posted By: Zulah
Fix for low level totems in if you are not a shaman.
File: Totem Timers01-02-07
New Improved and Fixed Totem Timers
Posted By: Zulah
1.3.2007 - Complete re-rewrite of totem detection code goes to Xianghar on this. I merely uploaded his fixes he posted elsewhere.
File: Totem Timers01-01-07
Posted By: Zulah
1.1.2006 - Fixed Totem of Wrath and major code revision by Xianghar. Fixed so it now detects death and clears the timers accordingly.
File: Totem Timers12-26-06
Korean Client test
Posted By: Zulah
So is that good? It looks good.
File: Totem Timers12-24-06
Posted By: Zulah
12.24.2006 - Fixed Searing Totem timer and hopefully fixed Totem of Wrath.
File: Totem Timers12-21-06
Latest update
Posted By: Zulah
12.21.2006 - Re-written totem detection routines - Thanks to Xianghar on this, it was entirely his work. Added Korean support again thanks to Sayclub. Please test the Korean add support as I do not have that client to make sure it is functioning properly.
File: Totem Timers12-19-06
Posted By: Zulah
Yalag: Working on it. May have a fix shortly available, the totem detection code is changing. Demora: Sorry Blizzard disabled that functionality. Working on trying to do it another way.
File: Totem Timers12-15-06
Posted By: Zulah
Yeah I messed up the zip the new version fixes that. It should also add support for the French client for the new totem. I had problems getting to Sayclub's links but I will continue to try them to update the Korean Localization.
File: Totem Timers12-13-06
Totem of Wrath
Posted By: Zulah
I added support for the Totem of Wrath. I need the French and Korean words for Wrath and I can make it work for those clients as well.