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File: Golden Ticket02-16-09
i think the setting you added in th...
Posted By: Bilb
i think the setting you added in the your addon tab conflict with the configuration available from the LDB display addon. If i dont have both setted the way i want it, it wont save correctly. I use fortress.
File: TankPoints02-01-09
Currently tank point needs an updat...
Posted By: Bilb
Currently tank point needs an update for 1 thing on druid. It doesn't seem to take into calculation Protector of the pack for the garanteed reduction, hence the effective health is off. And now that not every item's armor (staff, ring and such) is multiplied by the bearform multiplier, it would be nice to have some way of seeing...
File: Ion Action Bars01-22-09
Posted By: Bilb
Phanx made a slight error for anyone who have a notepad with line numbers, it's actually at the line 1061 rather than 1601.
File: basicAttitude11-10-08
Seems pretty accurate to me, and if...
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Seems pretty accurate to me, and if it's not why so many decimals? =p -edit a "a" got lost in "decimals".
File: Grid11-07-08
Hey there, i'm looking for a way to...
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Hey there, i'm looking for a way to sort the player's healthbar by name, even when i'm only in a party. i wonder if there's a not too complicated way to do that (like making grid think i'm in a raid when i'm not). This is to make my attempt at clique casting while multiboxing easier. Having my party frame in the same order over m...
File: SpelloutMacro10-28-06
the tooltip created by spelloutmacr...
Posted By: Bilb
the tooltip created by spelloutmacro are not modified by Theorycraft. if it was compatible with it that'd be awesome. i failed to hook information from theorycraft myself :( Here's a link to TheoryCraft
File: FuBar 3.6.508-11-06
Posted By: Bilb
Interface/addons/fubar/fubar-locale-enUS.lua:1: attempt to call global 'AceLibrary" (a nil value) i get this error everytime i log on and Fubar does not show on my screen.
File: Trinket Menu08-07-06
i'm using the auto queue feature ,...
Posted By: Bilb
i'm using the auto queue feature , wich i find really handy. but when i use on of my trinket out of combat ( mind quickening gem to conjure water faster =p ) i have to desactivate auto queue or it swap to my next trinket, wasting the cooldown of the trinket i activated out of combat. that'd be great if i could get trinket menu to wa...