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File: Bagnon10-22-06
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I love your addons, and use Ludwig, Bongos, and Bagnon specifically. However, I've only been using Bagnon for the bank screen and pulling my bank inventory whenever I need it, and using Discord Mini Inventory for my standard bags due to the sorting it does in the AIOI view. I just saw your screenie of the sorting you may be adding....
File: Clique10-03-06
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Efficient and Emergency Heal, how does it work?
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Originally posted by Cladhaire First off, I don't think you should ever have a mod making spell scaling decisions for you, lets make that entirely clear. I completely agree, I have ranks 3-11 Healing Touch setup on my UI so I can choose which rank spell to cast. I raise my glass to you, cheers!
File: PerfectRaid10-01-06
those error messages
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Oriknama and Cladhaire....i'm having the same error messages and can't do any command line options with /praid. I've tracked it down to the newest version of SCT (Scrolling Combat Text) so if you're running that, there's the problem...not sure why : /
File: PerfectRaid09-19-06
nice mod
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Really nice, i just wish I could see health deficits. Great job though, I love having more screen space availible!