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File: TourGuide10-21-07
Brilliantly and elegently executed...
Posted By: tachwedd
Brilliantly and elegently executed addon. I was already following a paid-for guide for fast-leveling, and this is the ideal complement to it. :)
File: Xolpass03-15-07
Great work, keep it up. I still ha...
Posted By: tachwedd
Great work, keep it up. I still have a soft spot for the look and feel of 420compass, but since it doesn't seem to updating anymore, oh well. Has anyone managed to figure out a way to get a read on your Z coordinates/heading? The whole reason I found 420 and now this mod was I was looking for a sort of artificial horizon... so...
File: Ping Direction02-13-07
Freakin' awesome. I installed this...
Posted By: tachwedd
Freakin' awesome. I installed this doohickey just to make sure it was stable before trying it out in an Ossirian fight and it was briliant for being in a party and guildmembers pointing out where ores or herbs were in an instance. Love it.
File: Reverse Engineering08-09-06
Excellent addon. I almost wish one...
Posted By: tachwedd
Excellent addon. I almost wish one existed for other tradeskills, but none need it the way Engineering does. Thank you!