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File: HealerButtons08-23-06
raid heal
Posted By: rocker4glory
i love this addon, but it would be even sweeter if it worked for raids, good luck with that, and i hope you figure it out cause it would be peeerfect. thanks though, whatever you did, the heal doesnt come up with an error anymore.
File: Clique08-15-06
this is probly a stupid question but...
Posted By: rocker4glory
on the page where it teaches you to use the interface, it says how to bind 2 spells to one click, like CastSpellByName("Nature's Swiftness") SpellStopCasting() CastSpellByName("Healing Touch") i do this, but instead i put mark of the wild and thorns, ive tried different combinations, but it casts mark of the wild and then says...
File: HealerButtons08-10-06
Posted By: rocker4glory
im gettin the same errors as below, if it can get fixed, it would be a sweet mod!