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File: PhanxChat03-26-16
Re: Lua Error
Posted By: Ragnor
Since the last patch on Tuesday, March 22nd, I'm getting the following error. 1x PhanxChat\Modules\EnableSticky.lua:15: attempt to index field 'BN_CONVERSATION' (a nil value) PhanxChat\Modules\EnableSticky.lua:15: in main chunk There is a pull request on github with the fixes from Stan https://github.com/Phanx/PhanxChat/pul...
File: PhanxChat10-19-14
Prior to Cataclysm, messages contai...
Posted By: Ragnor
Prior to Cataclysm, messages containing characters the default chat font didn't support (eg. Chinese glyphs) were just shown as question marks. Since Cataclysm, when the game detects such characters in certain places (including in the chat frame) it switches to a special font for that message. However, this fallback font doesn't adju...
File: PhanxChat10-18-14
Any idea why the gold seller's text...
Posted By: Ragnor
Any idea why the gold seller's text with asian characters is the wrong size? http://i.imgur.com/ly07Qf5.jpg
File: TinyTip02-04-08
Re: TinyTip is still alive.
Posted By: Ragnor
Originally posted by Thrae I'm still working on TinyTip, progress is slow because I have a demanding job, multiple addon projects, and I just reinstalled my workstation. Anyway, you can find the new, super-slim version of TinyTip (v2.0) at http://code.google.com/p/thrae-wow/ The reason I haven't posted this version is because it...
File: AzCastBar01-27-08
I am considering switching from Qua...
Posted By: Ragnor
I am considering switching from Quartz to AzCastBar. One thing I noticed is that Quartz and all of it's modules are LOD (load on demand) and thus you can use AddonLoader, rMCP, ACP, OptionHouse or whatever other addon manager to enable and disabled them as needed in game without reloading ui. Have you considered making your mods...
File: Sage UnitFrames12-02-07
Party Targets
Posted By: Ragnor
What's the likely hood of basic/simple Party Targets being added at some stage? I find them pretty useful in arena but I'm not enthused about using xperl or pitbull to get them. RE: JohanLM, Sage doesn't do raid frames, I would suggest Grid or PerfectRaid for your raidframes.
File: mumble10-11-07
I was doing Hyjal last night and wa...
Posted By: Ragnor
I was doing Hyjal last night and was getting very low fps during the waves of mobs before each boss so I started looking at the performance of what mods I was using. I noticed mumble was using over 3mb of memory and increased to 4mb just while I was watching it in about 30sec during wave 3/5 before Azgalor (http://www.wowwiki.com/Ba...
File: Ogri'lazy Rearranged by Nedm07-19-07
Much needed adjustment, good work :)
Posted By: Ragnor
Much needed adjustment, good work :)
File: Cartographer Quests02-14-07
Originally posted by Elisios In l...
Posted By: Ragnor
Originally posted by Elisios In last version you can right click on notes and update quest status with the quests submenu. It's weird you get yellow question marks, as they are guessed from your character quest log (complete quests), which is not subject to crash loss. Awesome, I updated and it worked a treat.
File: Cartographer Quests02-12-07
My wow crashed with a critical erro...
Posted By: Ragnor
My wow crashed with a critical error and I lost 2hrs of Cartographer data. Now I have a whole bunch of quest notes shown as yellow ! and ? when they should be marked as complete. Is there anyway I can update these to done/complete. I don't mind editing lua/saved variables if you can point me to what I need to edit.
File: PallyPower12-20-06
The whole point of load on demand a...
Posted By: Ragnor
The whole point of load on demand ace 2 style addons is that they aren't even loaded when not needed. It makes sense you should be able to load/unload the addon's main functionality/frames via fubar plugin or / command