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File: EventHorizon Continued11-07-10
Downloading Disabled?
Posted By: WernerCD
Was excited to get this addon back... time-frame for downloading 1.93?
File: Finalflo UI09-05-09
Originally posted by Finalflo Hy,...
Posted By: WernerCD
Originally posted by Finalflo Hy, SpartanUI is just a "skin" replacement for WoW UnitFrames a little like pitbull. My complilation is using SPUI that I configured and I'm adding a LOT of addons to improve the game in raid. Si if U just want to make your own UI base on SPUI skin just download it. But if U want a very foncti...
File: Finalflo UI09-01-09
Is this built on top of Spartan? or...
Posted By: WernerCD
Is this built on top of Spartan? or just a 'copy' of the basic layout? I guess I'm asking what the differences are. I like the look and layout of Spartan, and I am looking to redo my UI (it's a mess atm) and the two I like so far is Spartan and this. Just wondering what differentiates the two. Kriis
File: Align01-30-09
I used to have an addon that went w...
Posted By: WernerCD
I used to have an addon that went with this, but I can't seem to remember then name... Align would put up the lines... then this other addons would bascially get activated... and would proceed to active pretty much everything it could: Raid warnings, damage warnings, boss warnings, heals, crits, etc... so that all the addons you n...
File: GathererDB WoWHead11-23-08
Originally posted by keller999 Al...
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Originally posted by keller999 All of the nodes that WoWHead had set have been included in the uploaded file. I respectfully disagree. The file I have, version 2008.11.07, has only BC and old-world data in the lua files. An import works successfully for these continents, but not Northrend. A close examination of the files sho...
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Windows10-01-08
Suggested updates to WIU
Posted By: WernerCD
Please for the LOVE OF THRALL! Give me the options: Update All Auto-Confirm Disable Backup Color me lazy, impatient and picky. I want to click one button to download then install all updates. I also do my own manual updates periodically. I don't need another layer of backups - it just adds wasted time. I love the updat...
File: Recipe Radar06-03-08
Is there an equivalent addons for B...
Posted By: WernerCD
Is there an equivalent addons for BOP recipes? I love RR and only miss the ability to quickly find where recipes drop. World drops, instance boss drops, this specific mob drop, etc etc.
File: moveFrames09-03-07
Posted By: WernerCD
Thanks for the Mod. Only two things I wish is for WowAceUpdater support, and the pesky "MovePanelToCenter" bug I get. Doesn't really bother me now that I'm rollin with BugSack, but the bug is still there. Maybe I'll try the hack posted for it and see what happens... hopefully things don't go BOOM! The gnomes in my computer are...