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File: Muted Sounds - Everything01-26-12
No, this addon should remove each a...
Posted By: Shrael
No, this addon should remove each and every sound. And I just tested it again, at least I'm not hearing any opening/closing sounds when installed properly. Maybe you installed the combat-only version instead? There such things are not included. I had originally installed the combat version, but was annoyed by the looting sound so...
File: Muted Sounds - Everything01-23-12
I still hear all looting sounds, pe...
Posted By: Shrael
I still hear all looting sounds, people on friends list/guild logging in, quest completion/acceptance, discovering new areas chime and opening/closing windows (map, character screen, etc). Did I do something wrong or are these not included?
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames02-04-10
Found a fix by accident!
Posted By: Shrael
Just thought I'd leave a message in case someone else has the issue i was having (see previous posts here). Some other addon was blocking my Ashen Verdict rep ring choice quest, so I renamed my addons folder and logged back in the game (instead of figuring out what addons it was, this was faster)... then when I renamed my addons f...
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames01-23-10
Re: Re: Not saving preferences
Posted By: Shrael
Originally posted by Kudane if you open the config panel and select "All" from the top there is a button for "save global" and "load global". Also if using Win 7/Vista make sure your wow folder is not inside C:\Program Files\ -- that causes the game not to save some settings as well. I recommend making c:\Game Files\ and move yo...
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames01-17-10
Not saving preferences
Posted By: Shrael
Love the addon, been using it for a long long time... but... Some characters don't get their setting saved, when I log out and in, they're all messed up. Some frames are just slightly off, others are way off. I've tried a completely fresh install of the addon (delete in addons folder and all the saves in WTF folder), doesn't...
File: QuestHelper10-06-09
Re: Re: Always tracking something
Posted By: Shrael
Originally posted by ZorbaTHut If you explicitly track quests it starts showing less and less of the "upcoming quests", as there's not as much room remaining. If you don't want that functionality you may as well turn the QH tracker off - "/qh track" - but most people want to see what's coming up next. I like the QH tracker, it's...
File: QuestHelper10-05-09
Always tracking something
Posted By: Shrael
When I use the QH quest tracker (using WoW's quest tracker this doesn't happen), it always wants to track at least 4 quests. When I have nothing selected for tracking, I still get 4 quests in the display. If I track 1 or 2, I still get 4. If I track 4 or more, there's no issue, it works as intended. Nothing tracked: http://i...