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File: StealYourCarbon08-16-08
Is there a plan to add the function...
Posted By: morkan
Is there a plan to add the functionality from Junkseller to this addon ?
File: ArkInventory08-11-08
Posted By: morkan
Arkinventory does not work with wotlk ... will there be a working version soon ?
File: FuBar - ReagentFu12-18-06
Re: Re: Problem with Soul Shard Count
Posted By: morkan
Originally posted by drathos I've had a report of this before, but I've never been able to reproduce it. Are you using a non-US locale? I have the same problem with my mage. I use deDE. It's crazy, if I downgrade to 2.0.7 I get the same error now.
File: Wardrobe212-05-06
Migration from AceWardrobe ?
Posted By: morkan
Hi, I used AceWardrobe before, how can I migrate the data ?
File: OneBag310-24-06
OneView Problem
Posted By: morkan
I get the following error when I start, and there is no OneView Button. If I renew them in Fubar then it works but I can't select an other char. OneView\\OneStorage.lua:143: bad argument #2 to `format' (string expected, got nil)\n: in function `format'\nOneView\\OneStorage.lua:143: in function `GetCharListByServerId'\nO...