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Re: BG's Mik's gone?
Posted By: Ducimus
Originally posted by Sibertron whenever I enter a BG Mik's goes away and only an exit of the bg and a exit of wow will fix the problem any ideas? Same issue here.
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Originally posted by Cladhaire No...
Posted By: Ducimus
Originally posted by Cladhaire No, because in Proximo there are no "units" associated with your enemy frames. The best you could do would be to set up naive macros that target the player, but you can't currently do this with Proximo, due to the blizzard limitations. Alright, thanks anyway. :)
File: Clique02-16-08
Greetings First, I love your mod...
Posted By: Ducimus
Greetings First, I love your mod, it's made click casting oh so easy. Second, a request. Is it possible to add Clique functionality to another mod like Proximo? If so is it something I can do myself or is a feature I have to wait for you to implement? Anyway, thanks in advance for an answer.