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Originally posted by antisocialink...
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Originally posted by antisocialink Very convenient. Insane request: Can the minimap button be made detachable from the minimap. I have FAR too many minimap buttons as it is. Currently I'm using the extra space below my right side action bars as "minimap" button overflow space and would rather have it down there. Thanks. T...
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So it has come to my attention that...
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So it has come to my attention that there is still an issue with the automatic bindings. It specifically has to do with some other mods hooking into the save bindings whenever a keybinding changes. The problem is that the automatic bindings rely on that *not* happening. To make xcalc more compatible with other mods though it will...
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Re: Re: Re: aha
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Originally posted by lycanther There are lots of programs that can correctly handle complicated unit calculations (for example, type 2 ft * 3 m into google and it will return 1.8288 m^2). The dimensionally correct result would be 4g*20s = 400s*20s = 8000s^2 = 0.8g^2 and it should be reasonably easy to implement this in a domain w...
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Re: Keybind problem
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That is how it is suppose to function and how it has functioned... if I have some more time I will look into it. Originally posted by TripleEYE Well - I love it that I can use the Num Lock numbers to oparate the calc.. but it takes away my regular functions for that button. For example (and therea re many of those): Num5 is used...
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Re: aha
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it is like that, because 100 copper = 1 silver and 100 silver = 1 gold so technically speaking the calculator is performing the calculation properly. because 400*20 = 8000 and in reality, I could program a check into the calculator to prevent such calculations from being performed in the first place, but haven't gotten around to i...
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Thanks, I will look into that, Than...
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Thanks, I will look into that, Thank you Dridzt
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My account has been down for a whil...
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My account has been down for a while now, but I just got it back up so I will be releasing an updated version within the week I am sure. Originally posted by Talash Awesome addon. Wish it would be updated for the new patch. I miss it almost every time I use the AH or compare stats. :(
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Re: small request
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There are already plans for something similiar, I was going to put in an options page with the ability to not auto set the keybindings, have a slider for the minimap icon position, as well as a check box to hide the minimap icon all together... But as this is my first ever mod and I am still learning the lua and xml it might be a li...