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File: Paranoia Enemy Player Alert07-06-08
This is an incredibly useful addon,...
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This is an incredibly useful addon, thank you. You've done a great job!! :)
File: UnitButtons01-02-08
UnitButtons and Raids
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Although this is not the best way to do this, here's my hack to remove the party buttons when in a raid: Using a text editor, open up UBMain.lua. Search for "function UB_InitPartyFrames()" The next line should read be: "if UBVAR.NUMPABTNS > 0 then" Change this to read (do not include the beginning and ending quotes):...
File: moveFrames03-14-07
Thank you
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Mem usage definitely went down after dropping MobileFrames for this. Thank you - it works great! :)
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons03-13-07
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Originally posted by Elenesski Actually ACE GUI 2 is almost gold. I'll probably write the GUI in it now that I am more comfortable with LUA, and while LUA isn't OO, I do write C# all day long. Hmmm... I was under the impression that AceGUI (is that what you mean? The toolkit for building GUIs?) hasn't been worked on for quite so...
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons03-10-07
Nice addon!
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Loving this addon, been using it since you first posted it here. :) I use AGUF normally and sRaidFrames for when I'm in a raid (BG usually). When I'm in a raid, AGUF is set to not show its party unit frames however XUB is still showing buttons where the AGUF party unit frames would be. I seem to recall seeing this before a few u...
File: RicoMiniMap01-27-07
@Ricowan: If you use the AceUpda...
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@Ricowan: If you use the AceUpdater to update RicoMiniMap the xml file contains an entire extra block that is preventing the addon from loading (at least in the update I got today). @Jinglehopper: Did you update via the AceUpdater? If so, use the version here at wowinterface and see if it loads then. Way cool addon, b...
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu10-05-06
Same as Hakker and jpupz, not playi...
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Same as Hakker and jpupz, not playing a rogue either: Interface\AddOns\FuBar_SkillsPlusFu\SkillsPlusFu.lua:394: AceLocale-2.1: Translation for SKILL_LOCKPICKING not found
File: AH_Wipe - deprecated09-22-06
Thank you
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Simple concept and yet one of those mods you can't live without once you try it. :) Thank you.
File: FuBar - HonorFu08-25-06
Thank you ckknight for updating thi...
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Thank you ckknight for updating this! :)