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File: IHML - I Have Macro Lol!09-09-09
Are there any plans to swap macros...
Posted By: Klaan
Are there any plans to swap macros for spec changes (if it already does support it I apologize, but the screenshot doesn't say)? I've filled my char macros in my main spec and need more room for more macros in my off spec. Thanks! EDIT: Installed it, it does support talent changes. Should update your screenshot! EDIT2: Is i...
File: Dominos05-20-09
Experience Bar
Posted By: Klaan
I'm not quite sure that this is a Dominos thing, but after reloading the UI, the MainMenuExpBar reappears and the ExhaustionTick is always visible (even after just logging in). I'm assuming that since Dominos takes care of the action bars that it is supposed to hide the main menu bar.