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File: ArkInventory08-05-09
Working rather well on 3.2. Tyvm fo...
Posted By: jonathon
Working rather well on 3.2. Tyvm for the quick update. Really is the best bag mod out there (and I have tried them all). One thing I did notice is the money ldb plug is not allowing you to click anywhere on it to move or interact with it. only the edges of the icon.
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch07-18-09
Re: Re: no more cast bar?
Posted By: jonathon
Originally posted by Nuckin The old cast bar was intentionally removed. Is this an issues of THE old cast bar being gone or the not being ANY cast bar included in the addon? an issue of no cast bar at all... I miss it. it was in my opinion a good implementation of the cast bar.
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch07-17-09
no more cast bar?
Posted By: jonathon
I don't believe this is a bug, that is why it is not put at your portal. I am wondering if there is still an option for the cast bar as of version v30100-8.1? I love what you did with the buffs and debuffs, but with no cast bar, I now find this mod frustrating. Is there anyway to get the cast bar back in the mod if it was inte...
File: WoW AddOn bundle for TextMate04-11-09
Re: status update
Posted By: jonathon
Originally posted by Tabithy I only just started playing WoW again, after being away for several months, and my ability to update the TextMate bundle is unfortunately a little limited right now due to the fact that I no longer own a mac. It will get updated, though, it just might take a while :( awesome glad your back, sorry y...
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Generic (Linux/Macintosh)04-29-08
Love it, does everything I need it...
Posted By: wildlandfire21
Love it, does everything I need it to. My only complaint is the default size of the window is too small, Is there a way to increase the default size. Or maybe have the size the window was remembered upon reopening.
File: FuBar - KTMFu12-14-06
the latest version is found on curs...
Posted By: wildlandfire21
the latest version is found on curse gaming
File: Align11-15-06
Posted By: wildlandfire21
Dude...that's all I can say... well maybe not...I can't count how many times i wished I could find the center of the screen along with some other alignments...tytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytyt...ok, I'm done
File: ShardAce11-13-06
Posted By: wildlandfire21
if you need help testing this in TBC let me know...I would love to have this on my 64 warlock
File: Squeenix09-19-06
Originally posted by Kebinusan Sa...
Posted By: wildlandfire21
Originally posted by Kebinusan Same problem, also it would be nice to add an option to disable the NESW points. Do you run titan panel? The reason I ask is that I was having this problem with a while back after some trial and error I found out it was titan panel. that is the reason i now use fubar.