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File: Combuctor07-30-08
I have 4 requests. First. Can we...
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I have 4 requests. First. Can we get a version of this for the guild bank. so that we can see at a glance what is in our guild bank or banks. Second. if you do decide to make a guild bank version of this wonderful addon then can you please give us the option in Bagnon_Tooltips to turn off the display of items from specific guil...
File: Possessions07-26-08
seeing as this has been dead since...
Posted By: askjosh
seeing as this has been dead since may does anyone want to pick it up? I would really like to see it supported, but sadly I dont have the skills to do it myself.
File: Armory07-22-08
Can you please make it so that by d...
Posted By: askjosh
Can you please make it so that by default if you don't search for anything then it lists everything. So for example you select enchanting, then it should list all enchants by default. you could then search an have it narrow it down. Currently when I select enchanting and i don't search for anything then it just displays an empty window.
File: Possessions06-15-08
Feature request.
Posted By: askjosh
Please give us the ability to turn on and off the display of items from specific guild banks. The reason I ask is that I want to be able to see what is in my guilds bank but I don't want to count it as being apart of my inventory. Or you could have it say that I have 50 arcane dust in possessions and when i mouse over the arcane dust...
File: TradeSkillInfo02-03-07
Is this dead ?
Posted By: askjosh
Is this dead ? if so can someone please pick this up and update it ?
File: TradeSkillInfo01-26-07
Please upgrade the library, Thank you.
Posted By: askjosh
Please upgrade the Library so that we can all benefit from the info on the new crafts. Thank You.
File: GrindStatus - Track those factions!01-14-07
Is there a way to hide the reputati...
Posted By: askjosh
Is there a way to hide the reputation bar? i would like to have it just display the rep in the fubar as text or a percentage. well i figured it out, the new version of CTMod has the Breakable bottom bar mod so once i removed that my bartender3 addon started working correctly again and i was able to get rid of the annoying rep bar
File: Talent Planner01-14-07
Bug Found in your addon using !Swatter
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This is the info given by !Swatter its a bug catcher addon created by the people that make Auctioneer. Date: 2007-01-14 12:44:38 ID: 51 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: line 2: PlannerTooltip:SetOwner(): Can't set owner to self Debug: : ? : SetOwner() :2: :1 AddOns: Ace2 AuctionFilterP...
File: Guild Inventory12-30-06
Nice idea :-)
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This sounds like an awesome addon and would be great for guild alliances :-) Can this support mutiple guilds and alliances at the same time, and keep their bank info seperated ? and will you add support in the future to make the config changes in game rather than having to edit an lua file. especially the password, thats somthing...
File: qUserKey - Bind Keys to all Spells, abilities, items12-23-06
Originally posted by quel Refer t...
Posted By: askjosh
Originally posted by quel Refer to messages regarding this earlier in the thread. If you're using clearfont or any mod that overwrites my formatting definitions, there's not much I can do about it. Any chance you could have it check for clear font addon and if its installed then have it adjust the way your addon is displayed sl...
File: WoWKB12-20-06
maybe you could show the author of...
Posted By: askjosh
maybe you could show the author of meta map the changes you made to make the wowkb addon lighter and more efficent memory wise, then we can all benefit :-) as is I really like the tight intergration of the knowledge base but would be happy to see it made even better.
File: WoWKB12-12-06
This is great for those that are no...
Posted By: askjosh
This is great for those that are not using Metamap, but if you are already using Metamap then you dont need this as MetaMap has a Knowledge Base built in.
File: Fubar_FactionItemsFu12-11-06
Thank you soo much it this will be...
Posted By: askjosh
Thank you soo much it this will be great since i got rid of my exp bar in favor of the fubar version.
File: Necrosis LdC12-09-06
Awesome I hope you do pickup Cryoly...
Posted By: askjosh
Awesome I hope you do pickup Cryolysis or what would be really awesome is if ya could make your addon modular, by that I mean seperate the design and code elements so that you could have a core circular bar and buttons that is shared by all casting classes, then a necro addon for warlocks, a mage version, and priest version. each ver...
File: GoGoMount12-07-06
also and this is a long ways away b...
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also and this is a long ways away but druids will get a flying form in the expantion for outlands, so you'll want to add that to the mount list when the time comes. as for swiming mount you can do that by using this macro. /cast Aquatic Form; Travel Form
File: CharacterInfo12-05-06
@wmrojer Thanks for taking a loo...
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@wmrojer Thanks for taking a look at possesions. Quote That is very usefull when I am checking to see what characters have what mats for a specific craft that I am looking up in TradeskillInfo, but if I want to look up say how many AD rep turn in items i have or what pieces of of tier 1 gear my hunter has it would still be...
File: Bookworm12-05-06
Thank you for fixing bookworm :-)
Posted By: askjosh
you are soooo friggen awesome, thank you for picking this up and making it work again, this is by far the best addon ever for recording books. there were others that tried to fill the void, when this stoped working but now if this works with the next patch I will be very very happy :-) as always keep up the great work, and I hop...
File: TradeSkillInfo12-05-06
RE: naxx gear
Posted By: askjosh
I currently have 2 of the new patterns = x5 x4 x4 x4 = x4 x2 x2 x4 You might want to take a look at an addon called cqCrafty and barrow some of his code for learning new crafts, his wonderful addon hooks into all the tradeskill windows and even works with the enchanting window. anyways his addon is able to li...
File: CharacterInfo12-05-06
RE: Possessions Mod
Posted By: askjosh
Possessions does alot more than just tell you how much of an item you have on you, on your alts, in the bank ect. it also displays your inventory in a very easy to read table like this below. Icon Mooncloth 26 Icon Runecloth Bandage 200 Icon Dark Iron Ore 38 Icon Some Armor...
File: Ludwig12-05-06
Thanks for the update :-)
Posted By: askjosh
Thanks for the update this is by far the best item database mod out there. IF I may suggest Tradeskill Info is another addon that complements this very well and I highly recomend it to everyone.
File: TradeSkillInfo12-03-06
Still missing some trade skills
Posted By: askjosh
I am currently in Naxx right now and there is a master tradeskill NPC in a Cage that will train anyone with a master skill how to craft some new Frost Resist Gear. this gear does not show up in Trade Skill Info. Would it be possible to have it learn new crafts and alert us so that we can like email you the saved variable an then y...
File: CharacterInfo12-03-06
Posted By: askjosh
Any chance you can take a look at another addon called possessions and maybe add some of possesions features to your addon. One of the best things about possessions is that I can type "/poss mooncloth" for example and it will tell me how many mooncloth I have and break it down by how much each toon has in bank, inventory, ect......
File: AuldLangSyne12-02-06
Posted By: askjosh
I currently use an addon called HoloFriends and I was hoping that you could look at it and maybe incorporate some of the features of it into your addon. Holo Friends is the only addon right now that allows you to have more than 49 friends in your friends list, it does this by storing the names of all of your friends in a saved variab...
File: TradeSkillInfo10-29-06
Awesome addon :-)
Posted By: askjosh
Okay so i checked it out and your addon is sweet :-) I do have a few requests tho. First can you make the search so that its not case sensitive. Second can you make the list on the left side linkable in chat, and last I know that wow will kick you offline if you try to link an item that has not been seen on a server, but on a mat...
File: FuBar - GarbageFu09-04-06
Bug Found
Posted By: askjosh
...R_GarbageFu\Libs\FuBarPlugin-2.0\FuBarPlugin-2.0.lua:798: attempt to index field 'frame' (a nil value) Also can you please make it so that it cannot drop or sell the Carrot on the stick trinket even if the threshold is set to green, and maybe a few other unique items you can only get once and never again.