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Mounting in the water
Posted By: azuravian
It appears that as of 4.0.1 when you are in the water you can mount on a flying mount as long as you are floating near the top (not underwater). This does not work with Gogomount. Gogo will just mount me on a ground mount as long as I'm in the water. I have no idea about addon development, but I think there may be a way to check f...
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Re: Re: Re: ATSK support?
Posted By: azuravian
Originally posted by chwolfgang Greetings, Thanks for getting back to me. I am using ATSW v0.7.2 - by Slarti I just installed the new version of Ackis and do not have button in ATSW. However, it does seem to work correctly if I "scan" from /arl . As a side note: I do not know if it Ackis or ATSW, but I have a blue bar on...