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File: X-Perl UnitFrames12-24-09
Set Focus and DF Icons
Posted By: velvyt
For the life of me I can not figure out why I cant get Set focus to work by clicking the portraits and using the menu system.. Any ideas? and any chance DF class icons will be added, I know this has been asked, but these 2 things are keeping me from using one of my all time fav addons, x-perl Thanks Velvyt
File: Auctioneer12-24-09
Set Focus Error
Posted By: velvyt
Heya, I was jsut curious if someone could tell me why this is happening.... The first time I try to set focus in a group I get the following error: Date: 2009-12-24 09:36:52 ID: 1 Error occured in: AddOn: !Swatter Count: 1 Message: Error: AddOn !Swatter attempted to call a forbidden function (FocusUnit()) from a tainted e...
File: QuestHelper10-12-09
Not looking to cause trouble
Posted By: velvyt
My account was hacked over the weekend, I got it back this morning, light all my items and gold..... When I asked how Blizz thought the hack happened, the rep told me that questhelper has multiple authors working on it and that one of them had dropped a keylogger...... I was in disbelief, I have been using this addon for years....
File: X-Perl UnitFrames09-27-09
Set Focus error
Posted By: velvyt
In a raid I am getting the following error when trying to click "Set Focus" off the drop down list from a raid member: Help appreciated :) Date: 2009-09-27 11:05:44 ID: 1 Error occured in: AddOn: *** TaintForced *** Count: 1 Message: Error: AddOn *** TaintForced *** attempted to call a forbidden function (FocusUnit()) fro...
File: Postal08-05-09
getting the following error :...
Posted By: velvyt
getting the following error : ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Postal\Modules\BlackBook.lua line 41: Usage: RawHook(, method, , ): Attempting to hook a non existing target Debug: (tail call): ? (tail call): ? : error() ...erface\AddOns\Titan\libs\AceHook-3.0\AceHook-3.0.lua:208:...
File: RantTooltip11-19-08
Anchor offsets?
Posted By: velvyt
IM trying to get my tooltip to offset just to the lower right of the tip. I can get the y offset to go toward the right, but the x offset wont accept negative numbers, so cant get the tooltip to move down from the cursor. I checked the documentation and saw nothign about this, anyone got any ideas? Im trying to type in the o...
File: TipTac11-18-08
About the tooltip adding lines from other addons...
Posted By: velvyt
Heya, I also am having the problem of my tooltip appearing to truncate when hovering over mobs, it appears as though when other addons like Quest Helper and Mob Info 2 try and add lines to the tooltip (with tooltip special features clicked), the tooltip trys to resize itself to accomadate the extra lines, there is a small delay here...
File: Cartographer_QuestInfo10-29-08
Cartographer 3 update?
Posted By: velvyt
I really like the zoomable, scaleable map in Cartographer 3, but I want some of the features of CQI.... Any chance there is a possible way tomake these work together? Thanks
File: No error sound!10-01-08
you should get a medal for creating...
Posted By: velvyt
you should get a medal for creating this. This is UBBER useful to me. thank you velvyt
File: Fishing Buddy08-16-08
no tooltips over armor
Posted By: velvyt
I am unsure why, but after individually checking every addon in my folder, I have found that when FB is installed I am not getting tooltips when hovering over armor pieces..... any ideas?
File: Simple Buff Bars08-10-08
Hey guys, getting the following err...
Posted By: velvyt
Hey guys, getting the following error when I load the game: Date: 2008-08-10 22:36:13 ID: 52 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\SimpleBuffBars\SimpleBuffBars.lua line 95: AceBucket-3.0 requires AceEvent-3.0 and AceTimer-3.0 Debug: (tail call): ? : error() ...\SimpleBuffBars\libs\A...
File: XPBarNone03-17-07
Changing rext xp % to #
Posted By: velvyt
I updated xpbarnone and now it only shows rested xp in % form, I cnat seem to figure out how to switch it to a # form instead... Anyonw know how?
File: AutoBuff [Emerald]12-15-06
Love the mod
Posted By: velvyt
just adding my two cents, My friends and a I all use your version of autobuff and are very much looking forward to it working with the 2.0 version of wow... THanks in advance for working on it :) Velvyt